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Baby Looney Tunes

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Program information

Skupinka batolat s nevinnýma očima a obrovskou zvědavostí Bugs, Daffy, Sylvester, Taz a Tweety zažívají každý den spoustu nových dobrodružství.

Genre: Animation, Family
Directed by: Michael Hack, Scott Heming, Jeffrey Gatrall
Starring: Ian James Corlett (Taz), June Foray (Granny (hlas)), Terry Klassen (Sylvester), Britt McKillip (Lola / ...), Sam Khouth (Bugs, Daffy & Tweety), Ellen Kennedy (Scaldoniho dcera)
Screenplay: Roger Eschbacher, Libby Hinson, Earl Kress, Michael Maler, Sindy McKay
Country: USA
Year: 2002
Score: 60 %

List of episodes

(13) Bruce Bunny/Leader of the Pack - watch
(14) Flower Power/Lightning Bugs Sylvester - watch
(15) Flush Hour/I Strain - watch
(16) The Sandman Is Coming/Some Assembly Required - watch
(17) All Washed Up/Did Not! Did Too! - watch
(18) Tea & Basketball/Taz You Like It - watch
(19) Band Together/War of the Weirds - watch
(20) The Harder They Fall/Business as Usual - watch
(21) Mr. McStuffles/Picture This! - watch
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