LEGO City Dobrodružství

LEGO City Dobrodružství

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Program information

LEGO City Dobrodružství je seriál představující vtipný, chytrý a akcí nabitý městský život, sledující naděje, sny a nehody stále se rozšiřující komunity postav.

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family
Starring: Joe Zieja (Duke Detain 2 episodes, 2019), Misty Lee (Freya McCloud 1 episode, 2019), Mick Lauer (Percival 'Wheelie' Wheeler 1 episode, 2019), Daniel Mk Cohen (Harl Hubbs 1 episode, 2019), Gavin Hammon (Bob 1 episode, 2019), Christian Lanz (Announcer / ... 1 episode, 2019)
Screenplay: Jon Colton Barry, Brian James Hunt, Jaime Moyer, Steven Banks
Country: USA
Year: 2019-2020
Score: 68 %

List of episodes

Season 1:
(4) Doorman of the City/Fendrich In The Wild - watch
(5) Poppy Starr/The Spooky One - watch
(6) Small Carol/Last Man Floating - watch
(7) Evil Layers/Buster - watch
(8) Shirley Keeper/3, 2, 1 - watch
(9) Police Navidad/Paradoors - watch
Season 2:
(1) Buster Moves/To Cop or Not to Cop - watch
(2) Handle with Car/The Silver Blur - watch
(3) Harl Hubbs Day/Ann They're Off - watch
(4) Bob and Clemmons' Excellent Adventure/The Man With No Name With A Name - watch
(5) Daisy Chain Gang/Backdraft to School - watch
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