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dobrodružný, horor, science fiction, thriller
Directed by:
Ridley Scott
Michael Fassbender (David / Walter), Katherine Waterstonová (Daniels), Billy Crudup (Oram), Danny R. McBride (Tennessee), Demián Bichir (Lope), Carmen Ejogová (Karine)
USA, Austrálie, Nový Zéland, Velká Británie

Well despite the criticism of the original we all need to accept that it is out there and in fact upon rewatching it is actually a great story. If Sir Ridley Scott planned a trilogy, then this chapter laid the groundwork. We can be thankful that unlike another legendary director, Sir Ridley Scott didn't opt to write the script. I am glad it left unresolved questions. I feel that everything that happens leading up to the Nostromo is quite fantastic. We don't need to jump the shark. Here are my thoughtsCHAPTER 1 - PROMETHEUS - It exists. It left questions unanswered.CHAPTER 2 - EVOLUTIONS (Synopsis)Chapter one dealt with the engineers as possible creators of the human race. Evolutions would touch on the evolution of the Xenomorphs and of course the Weyland family. The movie should open with the Weyland heir apparent (Vickers brother) launching an investigation into the Prometheus, he encounters some objections from the 2IC (Our Protagonist - who is harbouring his own secret and agenda) who believes that it is a waste of time and money, and that they should let their insurer pick up the tab. Despite the objections the Weyland heir assembles a team of investigators (non-scientific) to head to the LV-223. The protagonist of course joins him on the mission to ensure that no money is spent unnecessarily, we of course will discover his secret and hidden agenda (and it's not what you think, in fact. It's bloody brilliant) our Protagonist is a direct descendant of the ENGINEERS, who was nurtured on earth to help with the planned infestation invasionAfter 2 years in hypersleep they arrive at LV-223.Shaw and david have been travelling space in the Engineers craft looking for answers, they land on what is deemed to be the engineers home planet only to find it decimated. There is evidence of a great battle, with what or whom we are unsure. What they determine though is that LV-426 was not just a military installation but in fact it was a slave colony, the question is who were the slaves?" It is evident as that LV-426 is the launching place for a full scale infestation invasion of earth. Shaw and David realise that in order to save the earth from from the Engineers and the planned infection of earths population is to go back to LV-426This synopsis works and would fit in with the existing Alien universe, because up until this point the Weyland Corporation is privately owned, so there would be no need for mass panic or government involvement, meaning that all of these events can happen without general knowledge. Also, as all we have at this point is the recording at the end of Prometheus, even Weyland Corporation would not be aware of the ents that have occurred in the previous chapter.ARRIVAL - Upon arrival the Weyland crew start exploring their surroundings and find trace elements of the destruction of the Prometheus, but nothing else.FAR FETCHED IDEA - How fantastic would it be if VICKERS who we believe was squashed in the original was in fact the ORIGINAL CONDUIT for the XENOMORPH Queen. Think about it, prior to the ship rising from the planet we see the ground as unstable and collapsing. Is it to far fetched, as a plot device to imagine that VICKERS (prior to being squashed) fell into a cavern, thus saving her from one death, only to have her infected with a XENOMORPH strain. I can see the new group discovering her body central to breeding ground of a XENOMORPH strain that blends the collective DNA to provide us with the XENOMORPH we know and love. It is fitting, that the ice queen and bitch from the first chapter become the ultimate BITCH.After the Weyland team spend time on the planet, they discover interconnected tunnels that lead them to discover the other ships and stasis pods of the remaining engineers, here we can discover the true elements of the goo, here we can establish that the engineers are a race of beings, not THE race. I strongly believe that they were mere visitors to earth not the creators, and having already experienced the black goo, and having visited earth many times before, they knew there was a race they could infect that would help them build an army. So you have a new team of investigators, you have Shaw and David, you have the evolution of the xenomorphs, you have conflict, mystery, fear a battle for survival. You also have more engineers who were in stasis. Shaw wanted to know why the engineers changed their minds. In evolution, Shaw discovers that they didn't change their minds, they lost control.CHAPTER 3 - PARADISEThe survivors manage to escape The LV-223 moon and plan to head back to earth. All goes according to plan until they are forced to land to refuel. David has identified another moon that has the fuel required fuel (LV-223). Most questions are answered in the Evolutions chapter, but a couple of questions remain unanswered. On this new moon, those questions are answered. Little do these remaining survivors know, but they are about to encounter the birthplace of the black goo. They are about to encounter the origin of the "Decon Queen". The mural from Prometheus is finally explained. We discover that the engineers are not the all powerful race, but in fact were slaves of the xenomorphs. This will be the ultimate battle, a battle that will result in the physical xenomorphs we all know and love. A battle that will end in the sole survivor activating a distress beacon that will rudely awaken the team on a little rusted tin can we call Nostromo. ________________________________________________________________________________ The engineers, as slaves of the xenomorphs were only heading to earth at the bidding of their masters. They had visited many times before as seen in cave drawings to essentially Terraform the earth as the new nesting place for the xenomorphs race. The xenomorphs themselves are in control and have been throughout time. They, like ticks latched onto the Engineers 1000's of years ago. We will learn that engineers have always been the Braun but the hive intelligence of the Xenomorphs has always been the brains. Clearly from the holographic imagery of the engineers running in fear, we know that they are afraid of something. Fair to think that we were witnessing was the crushing of an uprising. History has shown us that even slaves have been allowed a place of worship. Thus the large head room from Prometheus, despite the representation of their god, the mural was always a reminder as to who they were really bound to. ________________________________________________________________________________Yutani is the key for the third instalment. As a nod to Aliens. You have Weyland already established as a multi trillion dollar company who in Aliens has already decided to put colonists on LV-426. Yutani also established as a multi trillion dollar company could have already sent their own crew out to explore and terraform LV-426. Of course these two companies are working independently of each other, so it would make sense that one would not know about the others plans and objectives. So For the survivors of Evoloutions to land and surprise the Yutani crew on LV-426 would not be completely out of the question . And would fill a plot hole and provide a new cast :) Remember, Weyland-Yutani merged between ALIEN and ALIENS almost 70 years after the events described above. ________________________________________________________________________________ NODS TO THE LEGIONS OF FANS - OPPORTUNITIES1. VICKERS becomes the original XENOMORPH CONDUIT QUEEN (A scene of discovering her body at the centre of what is a different version of the EGG ROOM from Alien and Aliens)2. We saw LV-426 in the middle of a storm, by PARADISE we see it lush but barren and expansive (as we did LV-223) which is why it is referred to as PARADISE and why YUTANI are TerraformingThe original survivors of the Prometheus mission have spent three years in space, David has used that time to acquaint himself fully with the engineers technology and is now capable of using their tools to create xenomorphs of his own. He has also translated their language and understands more of their plan for the human race & for the other seeded planets. He and shaw must make it back to earth to warn and arm the human race before the final stages of the engineers plan bear fruit. The engineers ship in which they made their escape was an unhealthy vessel and is constantly breaking down so the two survivors must use the services of the enigmatic Harry Rashid to ensure success. Much like David, Harry's morals are unclear and throughout the film Shaw must balance the need to get to earth and the skills they possess against the obvious untrustworthy nature and veiled motives of each. In a nod to the alien series and particularly the experiments that bear ripleys features, David's xenomorphs carry shaws DNA and resemblance and these undergo their own rapid evolution throughout the film.
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