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Čajka Jonathan Livingston

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Everyone's Book Is Now Everyone's Motion Picture
Jonathan is a seagull who questions his place in the world, so he leaves his flock to fly around the world in search of new experiences. He travels so far that he reaches bird heaven, where he meets Maureen Seagull. Having had his life transformed by this amazing discovery, he returns to the flock to tell them the news. The other seagulls mock him until he brings back to life a seagull that has died. From then on, the entire flock calls him the Son of the Great Gull.

Genre: Drama, Family
Directed by: Hall Bartlett
Starring: Philip Ahn (Chang (voice)), Richard Crenna (Father (voice)), James Franciscus (Jonathan (voice)), Kelly Harmon (Kimmy (voice)), Hal Holbrook (The Elder (voice)), David Ladd (Fletcher (voice))
Screenplay: Richard D. Bach, Hall Bartlett
Country: USA
Year: 1973
Score: 61 %
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