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Film Děkan Spanley
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Drama, Komedie
Directed by:
Toa Fraser
Jeremy Northam (vypravěč), Sam Neill (Dean Spanley), Bryan Brown (Wrather), Peter O (senior), Art Malik (Swami Nala Prash), Elizabeth Goram-Smith (mladá paní)
Nový Zéland, Velká Británie
A shaggy dog story that will warm the heart of even the meanest Scrooge

Each Thursday, a man approaching middle age calls upon his father, aged, caustic, nihilistic, and emotionally distant, perhaps from the loss of a son in the Boer War and his wife soon after. On this day, the son suggests they attend a visiting guru's lecture on the transmigration of souls. There they chat with a vicar and a soldier of fortune; dinner follows. Over glasses of Hungarian Tokay, the vicar, Dean Spanley, tells a story of friendship, freedom, and reincarnation. In what earthly way could this tale connect father and son?
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