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dobrodružný, záhady
Directed by:
Robert Mulligan
Rock Hudson (Robert L. Talbot), Gina Lollobrigidaová (Lisa Helena Fellini), Sandra Deeová (Sandy Stevens), Bobby Darin (Tony), Walter Slezak (Maurice Clavell), Brenda De Banzieová (Margaret Allison)
A Quiet hideaway... A Secret rendezvous... then the teen-agers barged in!

For the past 6 years American millionaire Robert Talbot has been spending September with his 1-month-a-year mistress, Lisa Fellini, at his villa in Portofino. This year he arrives unannounced in July, however, and discovers that his major-domo, Maurice, has been making a tidy profit 11 months of the year by converting the villa into an elegant hotel--La Dolce Vista. Outraged, Robert demands that the guests--six American teenaged girls and a chaperon--leave immediately. Before the eviction can be accomplished, however, the chaperon slips on a champagne cork and injures her back; and Robert is stuck with his "guests." Another setback occurs when four American college boys pitch a tent just outside the villa and begin courting the girls. Apprehensive lest he be liable for arrest on a morals charge, Robert, accompanied by Lisa, sets himself up as both guardian and chaperon of the girls. His primary concern is keeping the most amorous of the boys, Tony, from seducing young Sandy Stevens. When Lisa learns that Robert has warned Sandy that men don't marry girls who "give away free samples," she indignantly storms out of the villa and returns to Rome to rejoin her stuffy British fiancé, Spencer. Robert follows but, despite a marriage proposal, he is unable to stop the infuriated Lisa. After a chat with Sandy, however, Lisa has a change of heart and races, in her wedding gown, to catch Robert. Following their marriage, they return to the villa for their honeymoon. They are appalled to discover that it is once more Hotel La Dolce Vista. This time Robert is confronted with a different problem--his "guests" are nine vacationing nuns!
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