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Martin Vinge, (35), former notorious journalist, now successful headhunter with a complicated personal life, is in all confidentiality contacted by 85 year-old N.F. Sieger, S.E.O. of Denmark's largest shipping company and oil empire. Sieger hires Martin to find an alternative heir to the firm instead of his son, Daniel Sieger, who for a long time has been destined to take the company into the next era. Martin starts coming up with suitable names for the position, but discovers that he has actually been entangled in a larger impenetrable power game aimed at deciding what is really going to happen to the company; a brutal power struggle that puts an intense pressure on Martin and his private life and relationships.

Genre: Thriller
Directed by: Rumle Hammerich
Starring: Lars Mikkelsen (Martin Vinge), Charlotte Munck (Nina), Burkhard Forstreuter (Christian Vestergaard), Soren Spanning (Vestergaards stemme (voice)), Charlotte Fich (Pernille), Troels Lyby (Troels)
Country: Denmark
Year: 2009
Score: 80 %
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