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Méďa 2

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Legalize Ted.
A few years after the first movie, Ted marries Tami-Lynn and John and Lori had already divorced. One year later Teds little family is falling apart. A colleague suggests Ted to have a baby. John accompanies Ted to ask Sam Jones to be his sperm donor, but he refuses. Next, John and Ted sneak into Tom Bradys house and try to give him a hand job but they fail that too. John asks Ted why Ted didnt ask him first. Ted says that he didnt want to further upset John knowing John hasnt gotten back into the game after Lori. So the next day Ted and Joh visit the fertility clinic where John donors his sperm, and ted and John make a mess of the clinics rejected sample inventory. But then the true hardship comes as Teds appeal to adopt a baby is denied due to the state doesnt recognize him as a person, only a property. This brings further bad news as Ted also loses his job and gets his marriage anulled. Ted and John then fues the state for civil rights complain but due to having no money they only get a pro bono junior lawyer Samantha Jackson. First theyre reluctant to see Sam but they feel like theyre the same as soon as Sam smokes pot to ease her migrain.They do the homework of researching and building their case, in which time Ted notices that John and Sam gets closer to each other. However, they lose the case and the state deems Ted as a property. Meanwhile, the villain from the first movie, Donny plots with Hasbro executive Jessup to kidnap Ted (again) since hes nw just a property. Sam asks help from a well known civil rights lawyer Meighan, so they go to New York to meet him. On the way, their car crashes since Sam lets Ted drive. John and Sam gets even closer and kisses for the first time while they wait for the next day. In New York, Meighan states he cant help them. The angry Ted leaves John and Sam and heads to NY Comic Con. But there Donny tries to kindnap ted again. Johan and Sam manages to save him. But Donny rigs an exhibition propoerty to fall on Ted. John pushes Ted away and gets injured. The incident is recorded on the buildings CCTV and spread on TV. Meighan sees how Ted is saddened by Johns injury and decides to take the case for them. They win the case and Ted remarries Tami-Lynn and adopts a baby boy.

Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Seth MacFarlane
Starring: Mark Wahlberg (John), Seth MacFarlane (Ted), Amanda Seyfried (Samantha), Jessica Barth (Tami-Lynn), Giovanni Ribisi (Donny), Morgan Freeman (Patrick Meighan)
Screenplay: Wellesley Wild, Alec Sulkin, Seth MacFarlane
Country: USA
Year: 2015
Score: 62 %
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