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Welcome to the bank robbery capital of America.
This synopsis is based on the extended edition of the movie available on the BluRay releaseText appears on the screen, stating "One blue-collar Boston neighborhood has produced more bank robbers and armored car thieves than anywhere in the world."Testimonials from people acquainted with Charlestown then show up:"Bank robbery became like a trade in Charlestown, passed down from father to son." - Federal Agent, Boston Robbery Task force"I'm proud to be from Charlestown. It ruined my life, literally, but I'm proud." - Charlestown man, Boston GlobeWe are then treated to several aerial shots of Boston. The action shifts to Harvard Square, where a Cummins armored truck waits at the curb, its driver sitting in the cab waiting for his partner to come back. The voice of Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck) is heard telling his gang, comprised of his best friends James "Jem" Coughlin (Jeremy Renner), Albert "Gloansy" Magloan (Slaine), and Desmond "Dez" Elden (Owen Burke), all from the dangerous streets of Charlestown, the itinerary of the driver and the routine of his partner, who picks up money from the Cambridge Merchants Bank every Wednesday and Friday morning at 8:12 AM. Before going to work, Doug reminds Dez and Gloansy that they'll be screwed if a police helicopter or SWAT team show up, and if they see a police cruiser, to just shoot up the car's engine block and keep driving. Coughlin warns that the guards might try to test them.In real time, the armored courier walks from the truck to the front door of the bank, wheeling a dolly. Doug and his gang are waiting in a stolen city work van parked in front of the front doors, to cover their entrance. The moment the courier opens the door, the gang climbs out of the van, armed with submachine guns and wearing full face skeleton masks to hide their identities. They rush in and knock him to the ground. Coughlin and Gloansy rush in and leap over the teller's desks, and subdue the tellers and guards. Doug secures the doors with a cable tie. Gloansy grabs a fish bowl filled with peppermints, empties it and orders everyone present to place their cell phones in it. Everyone complies, and Gloansy then proceeds to fill the bowl with water. While one of them searches the drawers for money, careful to not take any wads with dye packs,Doug grabs assistant branch manager Claire Keesey (Rebecca Hall) and leads her over to the vault. He asks her what the time lock is set for. She tells him it is set for 9:00 AM. He assures her it's not her money it is after. Doug and Coughlin have their weapons trained on Claire. When the clock hits 8:15, Doug tells her "go" and she pretends to start to unlock the vault. Seeing Claire stalling, Coughlin trains his weapon on another employee and threatens to shoot him if she doesn't cooperate. Doug puts his hand on top of Claire's and tells her to take her time. She slowly spins the combination, and the vault is unlocked.While Doug enters the vault and begins loading the money into duffel bags, Dez takes the VHSes for the security tapes and puts them in a wastebasket. He then goes to a break room and puts the tapes in the microwave, destroying them. Back in the lobby, there is a knock at the door from a customer trying to get in, distracting Doug, Coughlin, and Gloansy. Claire, lying on her stomach, takes advantage of the distraction to use her foot to trip the silent alarm. Realizing that they have less time than they planned, Coughlin now proceeds to douse everything with a large jug of bleach. They prepare to depart, but are stopped when Dez tells them the silent alarm has been tripped. Coughlin flies into a fit of rage, demanding to know who set the alarm off. The bank president (Victor Garber) insists he hasn't touched it. Coughlin doesn't believe him and proceeds to whip him across the head multiple times with his submachine gun, and continues whipping him until he is stopped by Doug. Claire looks up and notices a distinct tattoo of a man with a thief bag and pistol in his hands on the back of Coughlin's neck. The crew finish dousing every surface they can find with bleach. Coughlin takes notice of Claire and realizes she will be useful to them.Once Doug finishes bleaching the vault, he comes out and is stunned to find Claire is gone. He then finds Coughlin and the others have taken her hostage, to use as a shield if the police block them in. They lead her out the back door to a side alleyway, where another van is waiting as their getaway vehicle. Gloansy takes the driver's seat while Doug, Dez, and Coughlin climb into the backseat with Claire, wrists bound with cable ties. Once she is blindfolded, the gang remove their masks and Doug tells Claire she will be all right. They release her on a beach, unharmed; instructing her not to remove her blindfold until she walks forward far enough to feel the surf on her toes.Back at Harvard Square, FBI Special Agent Adam Frawley (Jon Hamm) and his partner Dino Ciampa (Titus Welliver) investigate the bank robbery. Dino notes that the robbers stole a city work van, which hasn't yet been reported stolen. He notes that the van was used to screen the front doors, and the robbers bleached the entire place to destroy all clothing fibers and any trace evidence of themselves. Examining the vault, Frawley observes that the robbers were careful not to take any of the bands of money fitted with dye packs and tracers. They are called away when Frawley receives a text, indicating that the getaway van has been discovered, torched.The scene changes to Medford Street in Charlestown, near the Tobin Memorial Bridge, where firefighters are extinguishing the remains of the getaway van. Frawley and Dino arrive to observe the scene. Since all the professional robbers they know of are dead or in prison, they conclude that they are dealing with a band of new professionals. Frawley is quick to determine that there likely are no witnesses who saw the van being set on fire.Doug meets with Coughlin, Dez and Gloansy in an abandoned hockey rink. Coughlin tells them that they've got a little problem. He produces Claire's driver's license and tells them that she lives in the neighborhood, meaning that there's a chance she'll see them and recognize them. Coughlin proposes that they get rid of her and offers to take care of it. Doug snatches the license from Coughlin and asserts that he will take care of Claire, since Coughlin is responsible for their predicament and he could face prison time if he tries to intimidate a witness.Simultaneously, Frawley is interviewing Claire at his office about her actions after she was taken hostage. She confirms that the men threatened to rape and kill her if she talked to the police, and took her driver's license, and that she did not try to escape. When asked by Frawley if she remembers any distinguishing marks on the four robbers, she doesn't bother to tell him about Coughlin's tattoo. Frawley observes that Claire's hands are trembling, he tells her that she is still suffering the residual effects from the events of the robbery. He assures her they are not inept cops.Frawley explains to Claire that there were over 370 bank robberies in the city in the past year, more per capita than anywhere else in the world, but 98% of them come from one neighborhood - Charlestown. In fact, this means that it is not uncommon for the Boston Police Department to close the Charlestown Bridge when they get word of an armored car robbery in the city. Bank robbery is a predominant trade in Charlestown, just like old European villages specialized in certain crafts for trade. Claire is shocked, as this is the neighborhood she lives in. Before releasing her, Frawley tells Claire she is being set up with a protective detail and hands her his business card. Claire takes one look at a photograph of a police blockade at the Charlestown Bridge. Her gaze then sees a photo on a bulletin board of a masked Doug and Coughlin holding her at gunpoint.Doug and Coughlin go to Mike, one of their fences. While they are waiting, they converse on the couch. It is clear that Doug is disenchanted with his criminal lifestyle and wants out of it. They exchange some of the money for 100 pounds of marijuana. After selling the marijuana to another dealer, they go to Town Flowers to deliver a cut of the loot to local crime boss Fergus "Fergie" Colm, Following this, the gang goes to a casino to gamble the money away.Returning to Boston, Doug and the others head to a local bar. It is established that Doug is in rehab for alcoholism, since he has to drink juice when everyone else can drink regular beer. As he is getting juice at the counter, he is approached by his girlfriend, Coughlin's sister Krista (Blake Lively). It is clear as they converse that Krista is xenophobic, as they are talking about a fight she had with a Somalian woman and had two friends to help her out.Doug dismisses himself and goes back to his apartment. He is in the middle of watching the drive-in movie theater shootout from Heat when Krista stops by to have sex with him. Later that night, when he finds himself unable to sleep, he uses a hockey stick to toss a puck in the air a few times.The next day, after sitting through a boring AA meeting, Doug goes to work tailing Claire. He observes her as she leaves her apartment and heads to a local Laundromat to wash her laundry. He sits down in front of one of the washing machines and pretends to read a newspaper, while keeping an eye on Claire. Doug gets lucky when she approaches him and asks him if he has any change she can use. He apologizes and claims he doesn't have any quarters for her. He then watches as Claire folds her clothes and begins to put them in a basket to take back to her place. As Doug watches, she stops upon finding a shirt that has blood droplets on it. Claire has a flashback as she recalls Coughlin beating her boss up with his gun, and recalls walking slowly along the beach after she was released. Noticing her starting to cry, Doug sees this as an opportunity to move in, and asks her if she is all right. He flirts with her and offers to buy her a drink to make up for the bad week she has been having and to make up for not having any quarters for her. He asks, "What's the worst that could happen?"The scene cuts to Frawley and Dino raiding a crackhouse owned by a man named Henry. Frawley quickly takes on the man who owns the apartment. However, the man proves highly resistant and there is a struggle as Frawley holds him down against the coffee table. Seeing Frawley needs assistance, Dino rushes in. The suspect's wife rushes in, intending to attack Frawley, but is pushed to the floor by Dino and restrained. The man attempts to flee out the door, but Frawley is finally able to get him under control as he takes a look at the pistol and drugs stashed in the apartment. Frawley asks Henry if he knows anything about the bank robbery. He admits that he knows these professionals disable the alarm for the vault by breaking into the junction box.Meanwhile, Doug takes Claire out to dinner at a local restaurant owned by one of his former hockey friends. Doug reveals that he works for a local gravel company. Claire is intrigued by Doug's hockey roots and mentions that she volunteers at a local boy's and girls' club that would like to reutilize the ice rink (the one we saw Doug meet with the others in earlier) but the city of Boston has refused to give them money. She also wonders why a few of the neighborhood kids have been calling her a 'Tunie', and Doug explains that it's a term used to describe people who are not from Charlestown, originating in the 1990s to describe the fancy car radios which the rich folks brought to the neighborhood and which are stolen by the "native" residents. In spite of being attracted to Claire, Doug is forced to make up some lies about himself, for instance claiming that his father lives out in the suburbs when he actually is incarcerated in a federal prison. He also admits that he thinks his mother left and now lives down in Florida. Claire admits that she comes from Marblehead, where she represented the underclass because her family didn't own a boat (which is the item that determines your status in Marblehead). Doug assures her he has a friend who owns a boat and Doug suggests that they should continue their date there (though it's heavily implied that it's probably actually stolen).During their moonlight boat ride, Claire questions Doug about bank robbers since he is from Charlestown and she recalls her interview with Frawley at the station. Doug admits that many things that people say about bank robbers in Charlestown are just exaggerations. He also says that back in the days many juveniles admired the bank robbers just as if they were rockstars, and wanted to emulate their idols. Doug, however, admits that he always just wanted to play hockey but was just not good enough to join a professional team.Doug meets with Coughlin at a small diner the next day. Coughlin asks Doug what his progress is with Claire. He lies and says he's got nothing, and she doesn't need to be killed.Frawley and Dino look at the junction box outside the bank as a Vericom utility crew works to patch it up. The supervisor notes that the way the crew hacked the box is so unique that the only way one could do it is to get a job at Vericom. This leads the two agents to decide that at least one of the robbers might be a Vericom employee and may have called in sick on the day of the robbery. Frawley then meets with Claire at another restaurant to ask her some more questions over lunch. Claire asks Frawley if he thinks she is a suspect. He tells her that if he did, he wouldn't be questioning her over lunch. There's a quick distraction when Frawley's BlackBerry rings, having received a surveillance picture of a man holding up a credit union with a pistol.Doug and Claire go on another date. While they're sitting in his truck outside her apartment, she talks about Doug's attack on her bank. As she talks, Doug learns that she's talked to the police, but he breathes a sigh of relief knowing that the police haven't yet identified him and his gang as responsible for the job. He also learns that David, the branch manager that Coughlin beat up, is in the hospital nearby and Claire feels terrible that she hasn't been able to see him since the robbery.Doug and Claire go to the hospital to meet David. Doug is a bit hesitant due to the presence of a police officer guarding the door, but Claire assures him he will be okay. When they enter David's hospital room, Doug is aghast to notice that his entire forehead and right eye are wrapped in bandages from where Coughlin whipped him, and the doctors give David a 50% chance of the eyesight in his right eye returning. He is more depressed when he steps outside and talks with the police officer on guard duty about it.Later, Doug and Claire are at a Dunkin' Donuts consuming drinks. Claire admits that she hasn't told the police about Coughlin's "Fighting Irish" tattoo, and she's afraid to tell Frawley this out of the possibility that she might be called to testify and her risk of getting killed will increase.Later, while dropping Claire off, Doug asks about the Toyota Prius he saw her grab clothes from when he was surveying her, and Claire reveals it got vandalized by some neighborhood kids. She then reveals that there have been some other people who have been harassing her as she walks to work, throwing bottles and taunting her. Doug asks Claire if she recalls what they looked like.Armed with a description of the men harassing Claire, Doug solicits help from Coughlin. They approach another dealer and get an address for the two men. Doug and Coughlin pull up across the street from the residence in question, don hockey masks, then grab a baseball bat and make their way to the apartment. When they knock on the door, the tenant, Alex Colazzo, walks over to answer. As he opens the door, Doug and Coughlin barge in and begin beating him and his friend up. While Doug controls himself, Coughlin is more vicious, striking his hand with a hammer and smashing a beer bottle over his head. Lastly, Coughlin shoots Colazzo once in each leg. Doug scatters some packs of cocaine dust around to make it look like a drug deal gone wrong, and he and Coughlin depart, unnoticed by the responding police.The police begin to narrow in on the gang when they identify Desmond Elden, who works as a systems tech operator at Vericom, due to the discovery that he has recorded several sick days that coincided with armed robberies of either banks or armored cars. Frawley and Dino tail Dez and take several surveillance photographs of him at a barbecue with Doug, Gloansy and Coughlin. They produce their photos and brief their colleagues on their other three suspects:-Gloansy is a notorious car thief, who has never met a car he couldn't boost. Frawley calls him the kind of man who can start your car for you while you're still looking for your keys-Coughlin has a troubled life, as his father was murdered in prison, and his mother died of HIV. When he was 18, he shot a boy in a cemetery and claimed he did it because he didn't like the boy. He served nine years on a manslaughter charge.-Doug is described as dating Coughlin's sister Krista, who most likely mules to "the Florist" (Fergie), who formerly employed Doug's father. He also did a year and a half in prison for robbing a BayBank with a nail gun after he washed out from pro hockey. He apparently was the real deal, but started fighting with the guys on his own team. It is here that we learn more about what Doug's father is in prison for: in 1995, he hijacked a bread truck up to Nashwood, New Hampshire. When one guard saw his face, he executed both of them with their own weapons.Doug is next seen having lunch with Claire. He's stunned her friends are not jealous of her for dating him. He notices an odd look on Claire's face and learns that she had a brother of died of lymphoma on a sunny day like this, and she finds it wrong to think about death whenever it is sunny outside. When Claire excuses herself to use the bathroom, Coughlin shows up to confront Doug. He is still there when Claire gets back, forcing Doug to use his hand to cover Coughlin's neck tattoo. After some tense conversation, Coughlin leaves.Doug confronts Coughlin later for stalking him and Claire. Coughlin defends himself by arguing that Doug is endangering them by sleeping with the one person who could give them to the police. Doug also doesn't like the next planned assignment - an armored car robbery in the North End. Doug doesn't like the fact that there is a guard assigned to the vehicle that acts like he's G.I. Joe. Doug finally agrees to do it, on the condition that this be their last job for a while.Doug next pays a visit to his father at the Walpole Penitentiary. Doug talks about how he wants to leave his criminal life, to which his father advises him "Either you got heat or you don't."Doug sleeps with Claire. The next morning, the gang proceeds to carry out a blitz attack on an armored car in the North End. Before leaving their base, they grab some shaved hair from a barbershop. The four shower and scrub themselves vigorously, to get rid of any loose skin cells that could leave potential DNA for the police. When loading their submachine guns, they not only wipe down and polish the weapons themselves, but they also wipe down every single bullet that they load into each clip.Once they are ready, Doug, Coughlin and Gloansy climb into a Dodge minivan and drive to the North End, with Gloansy driving. They have also loaded some filled gasoline jugs in the trunk so they can torch the car when the job is completed. As they approach the ambush location, outside a bank at the corner of Parmenter and Salem Streets, they find that the armored truck is running late. They are forced to circle once around the block while they wait, to avoid suspicion.Completing their first go-around, Gloansy sees the armored truck pulling up and tells Doug and Coughlin, "Say your prayers. Here we go." All three men proceed to don rubber masks, complete with wrinkled faces and nun's veils. Doug looks out the window, and he notices a young boy staring at him, petrified at the appearance of a "nun" armed with a submachine gun.In real time, Gloansy speeds up, runs through a crosswalk, and screeches to a halt alongside the armored truck. Even before he has brought the van to a stop, the left side door flies open and Doug and Coughlin jump out. The guard on the sidewalk instinctively grabs for his pistol, but Doug uses the barrel of his submachine gun to disarm him. Coughlin rushes up and overpowers the guard in the back of the truck, then proceeds to break open the cabinets protecting the money. Doug shoves the bags on the dolly over to the van and begins watching the street for police, while Coughlin loads the money he can grab into several satchels.There is a pause when Gloansy hears the distress call about the robbery going out on his police scanner. He yells this to Doug and Coughlin, indicating that they need to finish up. Coughlin looks up and notices that the truck driver has left his seat. He turns around and sees that the driver has taken Doug hostage and is holding a pistol to his back. Doug urges the driver to calm down and let him go. The driver doesn't move until Coughlin appears with his carbine and fires a burst, hitting the driver in the chest. He survives, though, thanks to his bulletproof vest. Doug and Coughlin hurriedly jump into the back of the van with their money and Gloansy floors on the gas pedal.As Gloansy makes a right turn onto Prince Street, Doug and Coughlin look out the back window, and to their shock, notice a police car with lights and sirens on, which immediately begins chasing them. Gloansy punches the gas pedal all the way to the floor, and makes several tight turns through the narrow streets, trying to shake off their pursuers, and inadvertently causing a couple of small wrecks as other vehicles try to get out of the way. As they are making another right turn at a three-way intersection, a second police car driving on another street notices them, stops, then backs up and turns onto the street they are on right behind the first police car.Gloansy continues to gain speed, trying to outrun the cops. The first police car gains on them, pulls up alongside the van, and then it forcibly swerves into the side of the van. Gloansy spins out and the van comes to a stop, facing the two police cars face first. The officer in the first cruiser gets on his microphone and orders them out of the car. When they don't act right away, he repeats his command. Suddenly, Coughlin raises his carbine and fires a burst through the front windshield. Bullets pound police car #1 and send its officers scrambling for cover. While Coughlin is firing, they hear more sirens and a third police car arrives, cutting them off from the other direction. Doug opens the right side door, leans across the roof, and opens up on the car, riddling its engine block with bullets. The officer in the third police car draws his pistol and fires two rounds at Doug, before he is forced to take cover. Coughlin and Doug fire further suppressive bursts on the police as Gloansy backs the van up to another cross street, then makes a hard left turn. The second police car to arrive pulls past the first unit and gives pursuit.The van continues to barrel through the streets at high speed, rounding another left turn with the police car still in pursuit. With a long and straight stretch of street in front of them, Gloansy pushes his pedal all the way to the floor. Reaching another cross street, the gang almost loses control when another police car comes off a side street at high speed and rams them in the front headlight, trying to cut them off. The two cars trade paint for a few hundred feet, until the next intersection, where Gloansy is able to make a right hand turn while police car #4 is t-boned by a sedan. Still being tailed by police car #2, Gloansy makes several tight turns through the narrow streets until he makes a right hand turn onto Foster Street. Halfway down the block, a Jeep Cherokee driven by Dez pulls out in front of the minivan. Gloansy stops the car, and he, Doug and Coughlin quickly jump out as two police cars come to a stop behind them. Coughlin fires a long burst on the police cars, sending the officers running for their lives, while Doug grabs the money bags and douses the interior of the car with gasoline. He then tosses a lit cigarette lighter into the car. The minivan interior explodes while Doug and the gang climb into the Jeep and peel away without any fear of pursuit.The gang's Jeep speeds recklessly through traffic. They hear another radio communication from the dispatcher on the police scanner and realize that the police are going to block the Charlestown Bridge. Gloansy punches the Jeep's gas pedal, and is soon hitting speeds of over 80 mph as he weaves through traffic, sometimes even driving against the flow of traffic trying to get there. They reach the bridge, and after a few maneuvers to get around traffic moving through the intersection, they roar across the bridge. They are already halfway cross the bridge and long gone by the time the police arrive to block the bridge.Gloansy brings the Jeep through Charlestown, untouched, and parks it on Tufts Street at O'Reilly Way. Doug and the gang jump out, Coughlin planting the hair we saw being acquired from the barbershop earlier in the backseat. They have only just started preparing to transfer everything to their second switch car when they see something that stops them dead in their tracks: a police officer sitting in his car parked directly across the street from them, and staring at them. The four armed robbers stare tensely at the officer, who stares back at them. After a few tense moments, the officer turns his head away from them. Doug, Gloansy, Dez, and Coughlin finish transferring everything to a Ford Taurus stationwagon and drive off, the officer deciding it wiser not to chase them.Frawley and Dino are next seen looking at the burned out remains of the minivan. Frawley is agitated, as there isn't enough evidence at any of the scenes to secure a conviction, so he orders the police to round up the suspects for questioning.The next day, several police cars are seen pulling up to Boston Sand & Gravel, Doug's workplace. Realizing the cops want him, Doug stops his work and walks over to surrender.At the police station, all four men are photographed and interrogated. Unfortunately for Frawley, his suspects are much smarter than he thinks they are. Frawley attempts to question Coughlin, who merely says "Lawyer!" Frawley leaves without saying another word. Doug and Gloansy each are told to read some lines from a transcript of a witness statement, to mixed results: Doug mumbles his way through the lines, while Gloansy reads the first few lines before acting like he can't read them.Doug is brought to an interrogation room. He recognizes Dino, having apparently had run ins with him in Charlestown before. When Frawley enters to interrogate Doug, he makes it absolutely clear there is little chance of him getting a reduced sentence by testifying against his accomplices. But Doug proves too smart for Frawley, and he is forced to release the four.Doug, Jem, Gloansy and Dez brought in for questioning. However, all four men prove smart and outwit Frawley, who is forced to release them when he fails to bring up any confessions. Frawley leaves Doug with a warning that he will do whatever it takes to make a charge stick, and will then tell Doug to 'go fuck himself.'During a visit to his father (Chris Cooper) at the local federal prison, Doug reveals he is planning to leave Charlestown. Jem approaches Doug with another job, but he turns it down. He tells Fergie he will not do the job, but Fergie reveals that Doug's mother never left the family. She committed suicide after Fergie got her addicted to drugs in retaliation for Doug's father attempting to also leave and warns that he will kill Claire if Doug does not do the job. Doug finally agrees.Doug and Jem enter Fenway Park dressed as Boston police officers, wearing sunglasses to hide their identitites, while Dez deactivates the security system. Doug and Jem approach the guards near the cash room and pretend to be responding to a 911 call, then draw Glock 17s on the guards and force them to the ground, zip-tying their hands behind their backs. They then threaten the men in the cash room to get him to let them in. After securing these men, they load $3 million into their duffel bags and head over to their getaway vehicle, an ambulance parked in the garage, where they meet Gloansy and Dez and change into paramedic uniforms. Unfortunately, they sense that it is too quiet, look outside, and see that the police are taking up positions outside. When Jem spots an FBI SWAT team in the garage, he opens fire on them. A shootout erupts, and in the process, several SWAT officers in the garage are wounded, and Dez is killed when he is deafened by a flash grenade (Doug, Jem and Gloansy cover their ears) and then shot by a SWAT officer. Gloansy offers to sacrifice himself to protect Doug and Jem, gets into the ambulance, and bursts out of the parking garage. The police fire on the van, hitting Gloansy at least twice, and the ambulance crashes into a mobile command center. As the cops move in on the ambulance, Doug and Jem in the garage put on their cop uniforms, blending in with the BPD officers as they move in, and they go separate ways.Frawley figures out the ruse when he overhears a police captain talking to Dino about how the robbery was committed by two cops. He scans the officers on the scene, then he and Dino drive slowly through the area near Fenway Park, spotting one cop walking away from the action carrying a duffel bag. It is Jem. Frawley follows Jem into a parking lot, repeatedly calling out to him. At this same time, Doug comes out another door. When Frawley calls out to Jem by his real name, Jem turns around and opens fire on Frawley with a TEC-9. He chases Frawley around a car, and then runs towards Boyleston Street, as Frawley fires at him with a shotgun. Jem reaches the street just as police arrive to intercept him. He takes his last stand, firing on the cops with his TEC-9 and Glock 17, bringing down a few of them. Jem falls when a blast from Frawley's shotgun hits him in the leg and he crouches behind a mailbox. As Frawley yells for Jem to surrender, Jem then empties his pistols, and enjoys a last sip from a discarded soda nearby. Determined not to go back to prison, he gets back up with his guns drawn, which provokes the police into gunning him down. Doug looks on, shocked, and escapes unnoticed by stealing a police car.Doug drives the cruiser over to Fergie's shop, where he shoots Fergie's bodyguard in the head at point-blank range, wounds Fergie after a close-range gunfight, and finally finishes him off with a shot to the groin. He calls Claire and asks her to come away with him, but he is watching from a house nearby and can see the FBI are in the same room with her. Claire, at first, tells him to come to the room to pick her up, but she changes her mind and gives him a coded message to warn him that the FBI are there. Doug puts on an MBTA bus driver's uniform, makes his way to an Amtrak station, and boards a train heading south. Frawley waits with his men, but knows Doug isn't going to show up. As Frawley is leaving, he figures out the code phrase that Claire used to warn Doug away, and tells her that he has jurisdiction all around the country to pursue Doug wherever he flees. Frawley returns to his car to find a note from Doug tucked under the windshield: "Go fuck yourself."Later, Claire finds a bag buried in a community garden which she tends. The bag contains money, a tangerine and a note that ends with "I'll see you again, on this side or the other." Claire uses the money to finance the renovation of a local hockey rink, and dedicates it to Doug's mother.

Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller
Directed by: Ben Affleck
Starring: Ben Affleck (Doug MacRay), Rebecca Hall (Claire Keesey), Jon Hamm (FBI S.A. Adam Frawley), Jeremy Renner (James Coughlin), Blake Lively (Krista Coughlin), Slaine (Albert 'Gloansy' Magloan)
Screenplay: Aaron Stockard, Peter Craig, Chuck Hogan, Ben Affleck
Country: USA
Year: 2010
Score: 75 %
  Czech Republic Czech Republic   Slovakia Slovakia   Poland Poland   Croatia Croatia