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Pikola a Saxofon

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The musical clefs have disappeared from the staff and the four sections of the orchestra--string, brass, percussion and woodwinds--are all at odds with one another. When little Piccolo meets up with the wise guy soprano Saxo, their budding friendship is frowned upon by the strictly military Baritone Sax and the snooty woodwind establishment alike. Aided by a Snare Drum--herself a misunderstood outcast from her "maniac" percussion family--the two little instruments set out to wrest the kidnapped clefs from the clutches of the evil Hammerhead and restore harmony to this musical planet.

Genre: Animation, Family
Directed by: Eric Gutierrez, Andre Clavel
Starring: Jean-Baptiste Maunier (Saxo (voice)), Eugene Christo-Foroux (Piccolo (voice)), Anais (Do (voice)), Camille Donda (Caisse Claire (voice)), Michel Elias (Dr. Marteau (voice)), Patrick Préjean (Grand-pere Basson / Baryton (voice))
Screenplay: Isabelle De Catalogne, André Popp, Juliette Sales
Country: France
Year: 2006
Score: 46 %
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