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Poslední kasíno

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How much money can 3 students get counting cards?
One deadbeat teacher discovers that three of his students are great math wizzes and decides to teach them how to count cards and make lots of money. As they learn how to play the casinos, things get tricky when the debt owing teacher informs them that their front man wants restitution for loses (of supposed $500,000 Canadian) in about a weeks time. The three students decide to hit all the major casinos in Ontario and Quebec until discovered. Will they make the money needed? Or will they suffer the concequences?

Genre: Drama, Comedy
Directed by: Pierre Gill
Starring: Charles Martin Smith (Barnes), Katharine Isabelle (Elyse), Kris Lemche (Scott), Julian Richings (Orr), Albert Chung (George), Normand D'Amour (Wilson)
Screenplay: Steven Westren
Country: Canada
Year: 2004
Score: 71 %
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