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The Sleepers

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1989, on the cusp of the Velvet Revoluition, Marie and her husband Viktor return home in Czechoslovakia after years of exile. After a car accident, Marie wakes up from a coma with no trace of Viktor. HBO Europe presents The Sleepers, an espionage drama that takes place at the end of 1989 in Czechoslovakia when the Soviet Empire was crumbling. In the midst of the Velvet Revolution, which brought 40 years of Moscow's dominance in the country to an end, an ordinary woman gets caught between the two worlds of State Security and the dissidents. She is gradually forced to uncover unexpected secrets kept by both.

Genre: Drama, Thriller
Directed by: Ivan Zacharias
Starring: Tatiana Pauhofová (Marie 6 episodes, 2019), Ivan G'Vera (Jizva 6 episodes, 2019), Jan Vlasák (6 episodes, 2019), Lenka Vlasáková (6 episodes, 2019), Martin Hofmann (5 episodes, 2019), Eugen Libezniuk (4 episodes)
Screenplay: Ondrej Gabriel
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2019
Score: 79 %
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