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Komisař Rex

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A cop's best friend.
A recently divorced cop adopts a police dog who lost his former companion, together they solve crimes in and around Vienna.

Genre: Action, Crime, Mystery
Directed by: Olaf Kreinsen, Wilhelm Engelhardt, Pete Ariel, Herrmann Zschoche, Oliver Hirschbiegel, Michael Riebl
Starring: Gerhard Zemann (Dr. Leo Graf), Heinz Weixelbraun (Christian Böck), Wolf Bachofner (Peter Höllerer), Martin Weinek (Fritz Kunz), Reginald von Ravenhorst (Rex), Tobias Moretti (Richard Moser)
Screenplay: Christian Demke, Thomas Teubner, Melitta Fitzer, Oliver Hirschbiegel, Chuck Randolph, Peter Hajek
Country: Austria, Germany
Year: 1994-2004
Score: 70 %
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