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Series Láska z fjordu: Letní příběh lásky
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Drama, Romance, Thriller
Directed by:
Matthias Tiefenbacher
Susanna Simon (Karen Lund), Harald Schrott (Rune Vigeland), Martin Feifel (Lars Petersen), Henny Reents (Tuva Fehn), Péter Franke (Johann), Carlheinz Heitmann (Knut)
Oslo city boy Gunnar inherits his uncle's old-fashioned horse farm at an idyllic fjord in a desolate village. The romantic decides to move and run it and convinces his fiancée to come along. Alas, while trying to repair the roof he makes a bad fall, landing him in hospital for long with little change of recovering enough for the harsh country life. Meanwhile his girl learns the hard way how badly neighbors' help is needed and is mutually attracted to burly neighbor Lars. When Gunnar returns and gets wind of it, their partnership seems doomed and she soon packs.
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