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Years and Years

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Series information

The six-part drama follows the Manchester-based Lyons family as their busy lives converge on one crucial night in 2019. The story then accelerates into the future, following the lives and loves of the Lyons over the next 15 years.

Genre: Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller
Directed by: Simon Cellan Jones, Lisa Mulcahy
Starring: Jade Alleyne (Ruby Bisme-Lyons 6 episodes, 2019), Max Baldry (Viktor Goraya 6 episodes, 2019), Sharon Duncan-Brewster (Fran Baxter 6 episodes, 2019), Jessica Stevenson (Edith Lyons 6 episodes, 2019), Rory Kinnear (Stephen Lyons 6 episodes, 2019), Ruth Madeley (Rosie Lyons 6 episodes, 2019)
Screenplay: Russell T. Davies
Country: Great Britain
Year: 2019
Score: 84 %

List of episodes

(1) Years and Years (1/6) - watch
(2) Years and Years (2/6) - watch
(3) Years and Years (3/6) - watch
(4) Years and Years (4) - watch
(5) Years and Years (5) - watch
(6) Years and Years (6) - watch
(6) Roky a roky (6/6) - watch
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