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Rozmarné jaro: Dvojí život

Series Rozmarné jaro: Dvojí život
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Katja Baumann is a nurse working in a hospital in Munich.One day when she was leaving the hospital, she meets Tim Lechner, a young boy who explains her that his mother is in the hospital and that he and his sisters are under the take of a rural domestic help,but they don't feel well with this lady.So Katja gives up her holiday with her husband and travels to FrĂĽhling to help Tim and his sisters til her mother can recover her health.Katja enjoys so much her new duty of domestic help that she decides to stay in FrĂĽhling where she will collaborate with the priest of the parish to help families who have difficulties.

Genre: Reality TV, Drama
Directed by: Michael Karen
Starring: Cristina do Rego (Filipa), Carolyn Genzkow (Kiki Baumann), Marco Girnth (Mark Weber), Hansjürgen Hürrig (Jakob Bredemeyer), Patrick Mölleken (Peet Hagen), Peter Sattmann (Professor Gabriel)
Screenplay: Martin Douven
Country: Germany
Year: 2017
Score: 49 %
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