Enable your clients to watch your IPTV on any device. Do not restrict yourself only to big screens. Your TV and all its features will also be available on portable devices and thus, it will always be available.


Viewers will love the ability to watch their favourite programs wherever the internet is available. Broadcasting is available on small devices without compromising any of the features or the viewing experience. Simply, a lot of fun, just in a smaller design.

  • TV broadcasting anywhere and at any time – minimal requirements for internet connection speed will ensure the availability of broadcasting virtually everywhere
  • Well-arranged application created for touch control
  • HD broadcasting
  • The same features as the TV set
  • Support for Android and iOS


You can watch your IPTV on any internet browser or via a desktop application

  • Online broadcasting can be viewed from any internet browser
  • Desktop application with modern HEVC codec with support for HD broadcasting
  • Rapid EPG viewing
  • Convenient control using the arrow keys or mouse


Your application will support a huge range of smart TV sets. They include, namely: Hisense, Samsung, Sony, Philips and LG TV sets. Also, the vast majority of TV sets with Android operating system, such as Thomson, TCL, Vivax, Bang & Olufsen or Xiaomi. We work continuously on developing the application and aim to cover the largest possible number of devices.

  • A large number of supported smart TVs
  • Application installation directly in the television environment
  • Convenient application control with the TV remote control
  • The absence of a TV box


It’s not only a device connected to the TV set. We’re talking about a tiny Android TV box that, in addition to bringing your IPTV to the viewer, also turns the user's TV into a multimedia centre.

  • Android operating system
  • Possible to install any additional applications
  • Well-arranged environment
  • Remote control adapted specially for the features of your IPTV
  • Miniature size
  • 2 USB inputs – possible to connect peripherals, HDD, flash drives