We will prepare your

own IPTV

We will prepare

IPTV software and hardware

complete IPTV (OTT) software and hardware based on your specifications and needs. We will implement everything from the development of signal reception to user administration
Some parts of the process required to implement your IPTV (OTT).
We secure the availability of your

online TV on any device

We guarantee that your users are provided with the greatest possible comfort on any smart device they choose. Whether it is a set-top box, smart TV, mobile phone, computer or tablet, they will always receive the same features and hundreds of hours of a great fun.
Let your viewer

watch TV with premium features

The features we can secure for you will draw viewers in and captivate them. They will immediately become masters of their TV set and experience the absolute freedom to choose exactly what they want.
Up to 30 days catch-up
Everybody will love the extended catch-up period for programs
Unlimited recording
With us, you can enjoy unlimited recording of TV programs
Additional episodes
No need for complicated searches for other episodes of your favourite programs, simply get them shown
Information on the program
Year of production, actors, as well as reviews, images, trailers or story descriptions
Simple, well-arranged, and most importantly, practical
Video archive
Do not worry about complicated EPG searches for interesting programs. Simply get recommendations for the best ones, or find just what you want by searching similar categories.
We secure

tailored TV stations

Select the TV stations that you wish to provide your viewers, and let us handle the whole process.
Whether it is one station,
ČT1 ČT2 Nova Prima Nova Cinema Prima Cool Prima Krimi Nova Action Prima MAX Prima LOVE Nova Lady Prima Show Prima Star Nova Fun Nova Gold Seznam.cz TV Paramount Network A11 Barrandov ČT art Barrandov Krimi Kino Barrandov HaHa TV Hobby TV Spektrum Home RELAX OK TV Noe Cinemax Cinemax 2 HBO HBO2 HBO3 Max JOJ Cinema Filmbox Filmbox Extra Filmbox Family Filmbox Premium Filmbox Stars CS Film CS Horror Warner TV Film Europe Film Europe + Story4 ČT :D Nickelodeon Nick Jr. Nicktoons Cartoon Network Cartoonito Lala TV Turbo TV ducktv ducktv plus Mňau TV Rik TV ČT4 Sport Eurosport 1 Eurosport 2 Arena Sport 1 Arena Sport 2 Auto Motor Sport Golf Channel Red Bull TV Sporty TV Prima ZOOM ID TLC Discovery Channel CS History CS Mystery Love Nature Travelxp HGTV Mňam TV Skvele TV Arcadia Park TV Spark TV NASA TV ČT1 JM ČT1 JZC ČT1 SM ČT1 SVC CNN Prima News ČT24 Poslanecká sněmovna ČR PRAHA TV OIK TV POLAR RT Ústecko UTV V1 ZAK Leo Leo TV Gold Eroxxx Extasy JOJ Family STV1 STV2 RTVS 24 Lux TV Doktor LifeTV TV OSEM Romana TV Bratislava Óčko Óčko Star Music Box Viva Russia Retro Music Rebel Premium Šlágr Muzika Šlágr Originál Polsat TVN TV Puls TV4 TV Trwam TVT 1+1 International Film.Ua Drama ICTV ICTV2 Kvartal TV New Channel Star Cinema X Sport+ 1+1 Maraton 5 Kanal France2 France3 France4 France5 France24 English Club TV CNN International Newsmax TV Al Jazeera Bloomberg 3SAT ZDF ARD Kika
or any other,
all you need to do is choose, and we will secure everything necessary to stream it for you.
We are the path to the creation of your IPTV platform,

we are goNET

goNet was established in 1996 and from the outset, we have been dealing with the development of internet applications for businesses. Since 1998 we have owned the www.tvprogram.cz domain, for which we were the first to have started processing the data of TV programs, and currently, this is the largest website with TV programs in the Czech Republic. We didn’t know this at that time, but this was the first and fundamental step towards the creation of a high-quality IPTV brand.

Proof of the fact that we can create a strong IPTV brand

The project of Lepší.TV is a well-thought out IPTV platform developed based on long-term testing. Our testing was performed on the internet program guide, www.tvprogram.cz, and allowed us to understand perfectly the processing of recordings and their subsequent distribution to the end users. Thanks to this process, we also learned to use state of the art technology in establishing the IPTV itself. By the end of 2016, everything was ready to launch and clients were able to place their first orders for the Lepší.TV service on the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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let’s start collaborating

Do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we will come up with the best solution to run your own IPTV.
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