We will arrange a reliable
tailored IPTV solution for you


We deliver devices for television signal reception as well as arrange reception of the signal from various sources, such as DVB-S / S2, DVB-T / T2, DVB-C and IP stream.

The acquired signal is distributed on different levels so that it always meets your requirements.


Recoding the signal to the desired form means adapting the input stream obtained at the starting point. We always arrange recording to the form that meets your requirements.

We can modify the signal in the following ways:

  • Deinterlacing (removing the interlacing) Filters for image editing
  • Reduction of the data stream
  • Modification of framing
  • Compression into the appropriate video and audio data format
  • Distributing the data stream to the individual segments
    • Video = H.264 / HEVC
    • Audio = AAC


The suitably processed signal must be stored properly, and we provide you a “Storage Server” for this purpose. We store data there so that the load on individual devices (storage media) is distributed properly.

The choice of storage also affects the amount of time-shift (catch-up of programs) available to your clients.


Data needs to get to the end user now. It is transmitted over HTTPS protocol with the stream being protected by:

  • Blocking at the GEO IP level
  • Securing the stream against unauthorized access
  • Optimal load distribution (data transmission)

We also offer our own solution for data transmission based on CDN / Proxy.


We deliver a tailored user application that will meet all your requirements and client needs. The application will have the same appearance and features across all supported platforms, which are:

  • Smart TV sets (Hisense, Samsung, Sony, Philips and LG). Also, the vast majority of TV sets with Android operating system, namely: Thomson, TCL, Vivax, Bang & Olufsen or Xiaomi.
  • Watching TV on your PC via any internet browser (Windows, MacOS and Linux)
  • Mobile phones and tablets (Android and iOS)
  • TV box

TV box brings many options in a compact format and offers solutions for old TV sets that do not support application installation.

We use the Android operating system and in addition to watching IPTV with your application, this allows the users to surf the internet, watch videos, view images, listen to the radio and also install any other applications from the application store.

We can deliver a completely finished product to you, including the modified firmware (appearance modification, application pre-installation, button mapping on the remote control, etc.), and branding (using custom brand/logo/name).


We will provide for the creation of a user registration system, invoicing and shipment overview. We also arrange a system of on-line support.

We see to the smooth running of all the above-mentioned points and in the event of difficulties, we react with lighting speed and look for the best solution.