We are the path to the creation of your IPTV platform,

we are goNET

goNet was established in 1996 and from the outset, we have been dealing with the development of internet applications for businesses. Since 1998 we have owned the tvprogram.cz domain, for which we were the first to have started processing the data of TV programs, and currently, this is the largest website with TV programs in the Czech Republic. We didn’t know this at that time, but this was the first and fundamental step towards the creation of a high-quality IPTV brand.

Our internet program guide provides an overview of the largest number of stations and in addition to the quantity, we put enormous emphasis on the quality. Ongoing updates are performed during the day so that the displayed information is always correct. Besides the basic information, the programs also offer photo galleries, user comments, percentage reviews or demos that we even translate and subsequently upload with Czech subtitles when necessary. The quality of our output is evidenced by the fact that we also deliver the program to print media, cable companies (in electronic form), and now, we also use data for the operation of our IPTV – Lepší.TV.

Proof of the fact that we can create a strong IPTV brand

The project of Lepší.TV is a well-thought out IPTV platform developed based on long-term testing. Our testing was performed on the internet program guide, www.tvprogram.cz, and allowed us to understand perfectly the processing of recordings and their subsequent distribution to the end users. Thanks to this process, we also learned to use state of the art technology in establishing the IPTV itself. By the end of 2016, everything was ready to launch and clients were able to place their first orders for the Lepší.TV service on the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Right from the beginning, the service was a major competitor to standard providers and multinational companies thanks to its features and parameters offered. Lepší.TV quickly permeated viewers’ minds with its unlimited program recording, record catch-up options, bonus features and extremely low requirements for connection speed. Feel free to try the demo for a better understanding.

Thanks to many years of experience, we now move one step further and offer the option of establishing an IPTV platform to those of you who have been interested in obtaining your own IPTV brand. We offer a complete array of software and hardware. We do not limit ourselves to only developing the complete IPTV platform, but also allow for the processing of the partial module parts necessary to provide you with trouble-free operation.