Benefits of Watching TV Online!

Get the most out of your TV! With TV Watch Online (IPTV) goNET.TV. You don't have to worry about being bored with TV. In addition to the live broadcast of more than 117 TV stations, you'll get with goNET.TV a range of tuned IPTV features such as unlimited recording , rewind or watching up to 30 days back (called Timeshift). Discover all the benefits of online TV:

117 super television stations With goNET.TV You can watch live TV 117 stations in the main menu
HDHD Streaming Enjoy live HD broadcasting. goNET.TV brings you 68 HD programůin the basic menu
Video Library Visit our TV archive and choose from thousands of movies, series, documentaries, fairy tales and online sports
20,000 radios Listen to radios from around the world. Choose according to your favorite music genre, language or country
For each device Watch TV at home and on the go. Thanks a lot to applications for smart devices, you can watch TV on your mobile, computer or Smart TV of all brands. If you prefer a classic TV, then connect only Android set-top box goNET.TV and have fun
For all connections IPTV works on every Internet connection with Czech and Slovak providers. You can watch goNET TV on Wi-Fi, via Ethernet cable or via mobile connection
Less data Using modern H.265 encoding, we can provide you with high quality broadcasts without overwhelming your Internet connection
Closed captioning goNET.TV supports display closed captioning.
HTracking history View a list of your most recent shows and simply watch those you haven't seen before
Similar shows We'll show you similar shows you might like in detail about the show.
Video previews and Reviews For easier selection of what to watch, watch a movie trailer and see the rating.
Weather forecast Sunny, cloudy or rain? Keep track of the weather in your city.
Calendar for holidays Do you forget the holidays of your loved ones? With goNET.TV you see them every day!
Children's profile Protect your child from the bad influence of TV and set only allowed types of shows (such as fairy tales) and stations.
Spectator profiles If more people are watching TV (father, son, mom...), you can create profiles for them. Then everyone will see only their recordings, history, set stations...
Whole series With intelligent recording, you can conveniently watch entire series.
It also works abroad If you go on holiday within the European Union, goNET.TV will also work.
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Timeless Android set-top box goNET.TV for your TV

If you have an older TV that does not support the current digital broadcast formats, then the Android set-top box goNET.TV is the ideal solution for you. Not only will you be able to watch high-quality 117 TV stations, you will also get all the features of IPTV. In addition, you can use the goNET.TV Box as a mini computer connected to your TV.

Mini computer on TV Connect your keyboard and mouse to Android set-top box goNET.TV and your TV will suddenly become a full-fledged computer.
4K4K resolution goNET.TV BOX is timeless. It is the first in the Czech Republic to play video in super high resolution 4 K. It is only a matter of time before 4K resolution appears in digital broadcasting stations.
1000 + Radio Station Listen to Internet radio from around the world with FM Cube.
YouTube Watch Youtube videos or music videos according to your mood on your TV.
Spotify Listen to music online and free with Spotify.
Facebook You can also be on Facebook while watching TV.
Internet browser Surf the web, search online or watch videos.
E-mail Read emails directly on your TV.
Google Play Store Download tens of thousands of apps and games for free.
Playback Play movies, music, or photos from a USB flash drive or micro SD card.
Editing documents Pre-installed applications allow you to view and edit documents and spreadsheets.
Calculator Practical function for everyone.
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