Price list

Watch all 146 TV stations online, up to 30 days back and get access to 2 352 movies at no extra charge on your TV, PC or mobile phone.
Moreover, if you are not satisfied, just cancel your subscription within 30 days and your money will be returned.
LEPŠÍ.TV service
146 tv channels
100 days back
2 352 movies
for a month
11.49 €
137 tv channels
30 days back
1 410 movies
for a month
7.39 €
TV BOX for older TVs.
To watch on Smart TV, PC and mobile devices this is not necessary.
TV BOX is for old TVs. For Smart TV and other is not required.
73 €

What makes LEPŠÍ.TV the best choice?

Watch all 146 channels online up to 100 days back and 2 352 movies without any extra charges on your TV, PC or smartphone
To get LEPŠÍ.TV you do not have to sign any contract. If you do not enjoy the service, you can simply stop paying
If you do not enjoy Lepší.TV, you can cancel the service within the first 30 days and we will send you your money back

Payment methods

1. By payment card
The fastest method, the service will be activated immediately after the payment
2. Bank transfer
The service will be activated as soon as we receive the payment (usually instant, but could be up to 3 days)
3. Mailbox
Activation could take 1-3 days
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