goNET.TV BOX allows you to use the goNET.TV service on TVs that do not support installationapplication goNET.TV. With inputs for AV or HDMI cable is possiblegoNET.TV BOX use on all types of TVs, including older models. Moreover, the connection is very easy and intuitive. For comfortable viewing of your favorite TV stations you only needgoNET.TV BOX, internet a television set.

IPTV set-top box goNET.TV

This small box hides the Android 6 operating system, which, along with goNET.TV, allows you to enjoy a variety of digital TV services to watch 117 HD stations quality , upload, watch, or rewind, but also install additional Android apps from the Google Play store . IPTV set-top box goNET.TV BOX can be conveniently operated with the included remote control. You can also connect a keyboard and mouse to the goNET.TV BOX to take full advantage of your new multimedia center, which will make the IPTV goNET.TV BOX a TV.

Enjoy watching TV and hundreds of movies, surfing the web, emailing, playing videos on YouTube, listening to online radio or playing games from the comfort of your couch with IPTV set-top box goNET.TV!


With goNET.TV along with goNET.TV BOX, you get a flood of features, options, and confidence that you'll experience an uncompromising TV viewing experience. You can look forward to:
  • 117 Stations (z toho 68 v HD), including premium ones already in the basic price.
  • Unlimited recordings of shows that let you do everything you want.
  • Watch shows up to 30 days later. You'll always have the shows you want.
  • More than 1463 movies immediately available in the huge video library.
  • Rewind and pause. Ideal for anyone who often runs away from television.
  • Low internet demand (only 3 Mbps for HD). With goNET TV, you don't burden your connection.
  • Surfing the web and browsing on social networks as well as on your computer.
  • Play music, photos or videos right on your TV to become a multimedia center.
  • Installing any apps from the store Google Play.
  • Pre-installed YouTube, Spotify, or Radio apps to create the perfect backdrop.

goNET.TV package contents

goNET.TV Box goNET.TV Box
Remote control Remote control
Manual Manual
HDMI cable HDMI cable
Ethernet cable Ethernet cable
Adapter Adapter
Batteries Batteries
SCART reduction SCART reduction
2.59 €
AV Cable AV Cable
2.59 €

goNET.TV Box specification

Hardware and software
Processor Amlogic S95X, quad-core, 2 GHz
Graphics chip ARM Dvalin MP2
Internal memory 16 GB eMMC
Supported formats JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF, MP3, WMA, WAV, ACC, FLAC, MKV, AVI, DAT, DivX, MP4, H.264 MVC max 1080p / 60 fr./s., H.264 MVC max. 4K / 30 fr./s., H.265 / HEVC max. 4K / 60 fr./s., MPEG-1/2, HDR10, HLG
Operating system Android 9
Attachable media MicroSD, USB memory and drives
Cooling Passive (silent)
Wi-Fi Yes
Ethernet Yes
USB Yes (2x)
MicroSD card reader Yes
A/V Yes
Optical audio output Yes

Connect Android IPTV set-top box goNET.TV to TV

Connecting goNET TV Box to your TV is easy and intuitive. There are several ways to connect an IPTV set-top box to your TV - for example, through the HDMI Cable included in the goNET TV Box. If Your TV does not have HDMI input , then we recommend purchase of AV cable as weellSCART adapters to connect goNET TV Box to virtually any TV.

Another condition for watching goNEt.TV is a goNET.TV connection to the Internet using a Wi-fi connection or an Ethernet cable included . Enjoy maximum picture quality while watching your favorite stations!

TIP: For uninterrupted viewing of the goNET.TV service in high quality, we recommend using an Ethernet cable connection.

  • 1
    PConnect the TV BOX to the mains,
    because juice is simply a necessity. The TV BOX starts automatically and the clock on the front lights up.
  • 2
    Without the remote control,
    therefore, insert the supplied batteries, insert the USB receiver into the USB slot, and enjoy a full-featured keyboard driver.
  • 3
    Use HDMI cable to connect to your TV.
    After connecting the TV BOX to your TV, the main menu will welcome you. If not, check that everything is connected correctly and the TV is set to the correct input (source).
  • 4
    Internet is a must!
    In the TBOX, connect to the Internet using an Ethernet cable. If you don't have this option, you can also try using a Wi-Fi connection. For smooth and undisturbed viewing, we strongly recommend an Ethernet cable.

Watch TV online on IPTV BOX

After you have connected all the necessities , turn on the IPTV set-top box goNET.TV . Here the main menu welcomes you. To watch your favorite TV stations just select the goNET.TV field and you will suddenly find yourself in the goNET.TV application. Operation and movement in the application is so natural that you will master its basic control in minutes!

If you need help with more advanced features , then we recommend that you review it online instructions (also available as a printed version) for complete information on using the IP TV set-top box goNET.TV and a number of guides and tips on how to get the most out of watching TV!

Want more information about how goNET.TV works? Then visit FAQ or kcontact our customer support !


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