What is Lepší.TV and how It works?
With Lepší.TV you can watch 123 TV channels online with advanced features (record, catch-up, rewind). All you need is an internet connection (even a weaker one) and a Smart TV, computer, cellphont, tablet with the Lepší.TV application or a regulat TV with our Lepší.TV BOX. You can watch the shows at home, on your summer house or on holiday abroad.
Price of services?
Lepší.TV with all 123 channels costs 199 Kč/month and HBO 219 Kč/month. It is up to you whether you keep both services or just Lepší.TV without HBO, or cancel everything.
Am I stuck with a long-term contract?
No, you are not. There is no commitment. If you stop enjoying Lepší.TV, simply stop paying or change your services.


Lepší.TV - A new dimension of watching TV

IPTV Lepší.TV brings you live online broadcast of more than 123 TV stations with a wide range of further benefits. Compared to an ordinary cable TV, the Lepší.TV online TV doesn't have any special needs for coverage. The only thing you need is an internet connection. Therefore, you can go and watch wherever and whenever you're online while not being limited by the low quality of the broadcast as well as the service provided. Moreover, Lepší.TV brings you HD broadcast and a wide range of further fine-tuned TV options, with which you get an uncomparably better experience from watching TV! Moreover, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art signal coding (H.265), Lepší.TV does not burden your Internet line too, because just 3 Mb/s connection speed is needed to watch HD programs.

Choose from more than 123 TV stations online

Lepší.TV offers entertainment for all watchers. Therefore, you will find not only Czech and Slovakian TV stations but also premium movie channels such as JOJ Cinema or Filmbox Premium. Not even the sports fans will be bored - there is Nova Sport 1, ČT Sport or Sport 5. We haven't missed out erotic channels for adults, either, while children will be pleased by a wide offer of animated fairy-tales on ČT :D, Nickelodeon or CS Mini. Of course the broadcast of chosen TV stations in high definition is included.

Live broadcast or playback from up to 30 days (timeshift)

Apart from live broadcast, the Lepší.TV service also offers the possibility to watch all stations on playback from up to 30 days. Therefore, you don't have to be afraid of missing anything from the broadcast. You just choose the date and then you can play the whole program from that day. Moving back in time has never been easier!

Online broadcast with a range of tuned functions

For the watchers' maximum comfort, Lepší.TV brings you some more fine-tuned TV functions such as Pause, Skip or Record. This way you can pause a live broadcast whenever you need it and you can continue watching when it's suitable for you. Immediately after the broadcast of the show, there's an extra function for you - skipping - with which you simply skip things you don't want to watch.

Getting ready for a holiday while not wanting to miss your favourite series? Record them! With the Lepší.TV online television, you can take advantage of unlimited recording of all TV stations. Your recordings can then be easily downloaded onto your chosen device or you can watch them online from an online folder, My Recordings, so you don't need to follow the TV program but only what you want to watch.

Hundreds of movies and series online on your TV

Don't forget the best of television, either. If the TV program didn't catch your eye or if you don't want to spend time looking for TV shows, try a unique movie library The Best of TV, which brings you hundreds of movies online and series of many various genres. Simply choose what you fancy watching without having to wait. With Lepší.TV, you are finally in control of your TV!

How to watch the Lepší.TV online television

You can use the service on your TV with Lepší.TV Android BOX box or in the form of online broadcast on your computer, smartphone or tablet. The only thing you need is a stable internet connection. The wiring as well as the use of the service is very intuitive. Everyone can manage!

Are you ready for a new dimension of watching TV?

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Benefits of Watching TV Online!

Get the most out of your TV! With TV Watch Online (IPTV) Lepší.TV. You don't have to worry about being bored with TV. In addition to the live broadcast of more than 123 TV stations, you'll get with Lepší.TV a range of tuned IPTV features such as unlimited recording , rewind or watching up to 30 days catch-up (called Timeshift). Discover all the benefits of online TV:

The most TV stations for the best price You only pay for 123 TV stations with documentaries, sports and kids programms 199 Kč in a month.
The first month for only 1 Kč New customers will be very pleased that Lepší.TV, including HBO, can be tested in the first month for only one crown.
The longest catch-up period The longest catch-up period awaits you - up to 100 days back.
Everything without obligations. Our service comes without obligations. You can decide yourself, if you want to continue using the service or not.
Low data flow There is only a low data rate of 3 Mb/ s necessary to stream. You don´t need the fastest internet connection.
Unlimited recording How many movies, series and shows you record is up to you. We offer unlimited quantities.
HDHD broadcasting Enjoy live broadcasting in HD quality. Lepší.TV brings you 77 HD programms in the basic offer.
Video library Visit our TV archive and choose from thousands of movies, series, documentaries, fairy tales and sports online.
20 000 radio stations Listen to radios from around the world. Choose according to your favorite music genre, language or country.
For each device Watch TV at home and on the go. Thanks to a number of applications for smart devices, you can watch TV on your mobile phone, computer or Smart TV of all brands. If you prefer a classic TV, then connect only the Android set-top box from Lepší.TV and have fun.
For all connections IPTV works on every internet connection at Czech and Slovakian providers. You can watch Lepší.TV on Wi-Fi, using an Ethernet cable or via a mobile connection.
Lower data volume Thanks to the use of modern H.265 coding, we can provide you with high-quality broadcasting without flooding your Internet connection.
Subtitles Lepší.TV supports subtitles.
HTracking history View a list of your most recently watched shows and simply look at the ones you haven't seen before.
Similar shows In the detail about the show, we will immediately show you similar shows that you might like.
Trailer and evaluation Watch the trailers and evaluation of the program to choose easily.
Weather forecast Sunny, cloudy or rain? Keep track of the weather in your city.
Calendar holidays Do you forget the holidays of your loved ones? With gpNET.TV you have them in front of your eyes every day!
Kids profile Protect your child from the bad influence of television and set only permitted types of programs (such as fairy tales) and permitted stations.
Viewer profiles If many people (son, mother ...) are watching TV on your account, you can create profiles for them. Then everyone will see only their recordings, history, preset stations ...
Full series Thanks to intelligent recording, you can comfortably watch entire series.
It also works in other countries If you are going on holiday in the European Union, Lepší.TV will also work for you.
ZOOM If some shows have black bars at the top and bottom, just click on the settings and select the "ZOOM" function. The movie or series then expands to full screen and you can start watching undisturbed.
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