What is IPTV?

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) or internet TV allows reception of television broadcasts over the Internet protocol. To put it simply, this is an optionwatching television over the internet. All you need to receive an IP TV is an Internet connection and a TV, possiblyset-top box, computer or Smart Devices.

IPTV then differs from the most popular forms of television broadcasting such as terrestrial reception, cable or satellite televisionthe number of functions provided, availability a comfort,with which viewers can watch their favorite movies and series online.


The main advantage of IPTV is ability adapt as much as possible to the viewer's needs. With a number of built-in digital functions you don't have to worry about losing your favorite shows or missing the start of the movie. IPTV will draw you into the action more than ever!

IPTV offers from different providers differ mainly in features and choice television stations.Each quality IPTV however, it should provide the viewer with at least the following features:

  • EPG
    Or electronic program guide that provides clear and fast Choosing
  • Timeshift
    Watch back shows, up to several weeks
  • Recording
    One click to the show recorded and ready to watch at any time
  • Video Library
    A place where they are available to the viewerhundreds of different movies and series online
  • Pause
    A great solution for everyday use A great solution for everyday use
  • Rewind
    Favorite scenes feel free hundreds of times


Simply put, watch anywhere where you have internet connection. To receive IPTV, use either a classic TV with an internet access Android set-top box or a smart Android/iOS device. To watch TV on your mobile or tablet, download the TV app to your mobile phone or tablet and have fun while traveling! IPTV will be your great companion! And there is also the possibility to watch TV on your computer and laptop via a web browser!

In case you prefer watching TV channels on your TV, you have two options. If you own Smart TV with internet connection, then simply download the Lepší.TV app from Google Play store or from the TV app store and install. After logging in, you will enjoy all the benefits of Internet TV even on your Smart TV!

If you have classic TV without internet access,the IPTV set-top box serves as a feature-rich solution. Connect your device to the Internet and TV using AV or HDMI cable. Your TV will suddenly turn into a smart device with an internet access!

In addition to TV services, some set-top boxes offer features similar to the ones found in a classic PC. For example Lepší.TV BOX turns any TV into a multimedia center thanks to pre-installed Android OS and you have the ability to install additional apps, listen to online radio, watch YouTube videos or surf the web!

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