Avatar: Legenda o Aangovi

Avatar: Legenda o Aangovi

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Program information

The Awakening
When the hostile Fire Nation threatens to enslave the Water, Earth, and Air Nations, a reluctant and irresponsible boy must face his destiny as the Avatar, the Chosen One who can restore the world order. This new animated series centers on twelve-year-old Aang, who must forgo his selfish wandering to learn to master his latent powers over the four elements. Only then can he conquer the Firebenders, the evil nation that threatens the world.

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Family, War, Romance
Directed by: Lauren MacMullan, Michael Dante DiMartino, Ethan Spaulding, Giancarlo Volpe, Anthony Lioi, Joaquim Dos Santos
Starring: Zach Tyler (Aang), Dee Bradley Baker (Appa), Mae Whitman (Katara), Jack De Sena (Sokka), Dante Basco (Prince Zuko), Jessie Flower (Toph)
Screenplay: Gary Scheppke, Tim Hedrick, Elizabeth Welch Ehasz, James Eagan, Joshua Hamilton, Pete Goldfinger
Country: USA
Year: 2005
Score: 90 %

List of episodes

(7) The Spirit World: Winter Solstice, Part 1 - watch
(8) Avatar Roku: Winter Solstice, Part 2 - watch
(9) The Waterbending Scroll - watch
(10) Jet - watch
(11) The Great Divide - watch
(12) The Storm - watch
(13) The Blue Spirit - watch
(14) The Fortuneteller - watch
(15) Bato of the Water Tribe - watch
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