Dorg Van Dango

Dorg Van Dango
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Program information

Dorg Van Dango follows the adventures of Dorg, a normal kid, living in the very normal town of Normill. That is, until he meets The Magicals: Jet Lazor, the super-cool unicorn; Patronella, an ancient witch; RD, a curious alien; and Yooki, an eerie ghost. Dorg disguises them as teenagers and hides them in the basement in the local shopping mall. With his new best friends attempting to help navigate life's challenges, Dorg's world just got a whole lot less normal and a lot more fun.

Genre: Animation
Starring: Chance Hurstfield (Dorg Van Dango 52 episodes 2020), Andrew McNee (RD 51 episodes 2020), Paulina Gillis (Patronella 51 episodes 2020), M. Christian Heywood (Jet Lazor 51 episodes 2020), Kazumi Evans (Yooki 51 episodes 2020), Michael Dobson (Mr. Munch 48 e
Year: 2020
Score: 73 %
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