Pan Tau

Pan Tau

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Program information

The children's series reintroduces on the screen Mister Tau the charmer, along with his double, Uncle Alfons. It is impossible to tell them apart, and the cases of their mistaken identity in many comical situations guarantee to entertain all viewers, small and grown.

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy
Directed by: Jindřich Polák
Starring: Otto Simánek (Pan Tau neboli Alfons Urban), František Filipovský (děda Urban), Jiřina Bohdalová (matka Urbanová), Vladimír Mensík (otec Urban), Gustav Bubník (Rudla Urban), Karel Höger (Narrator)
Screenplay: Ota Hofman, Jindřich Polák
Country: Československo, Germany
Year: 1970-1972
Score: 73 %

List of episodes

(11) Pan Tau a taxikář - watch
(12) Hledá se pan Tau - watch
(13) Pan Tau a tisíc kouzel - watch
(14) Pan Tau se vrací - watch
(15) Pan Tau a Robinson - watch
(16) Pan Tau a příliš velký balón - watch
(17) Pan Tau v cirkusu - watch
(18) Pan Tau a rodinná slavnost - watch
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