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Program information

Based on a true story.
In this television show for babies, the four colourful Teletubbies coo and play in idyllic Teletubbyland. They repeat fun, infant-pleasing activities such as rolling on the ground, laughing, running about, and watching real children on the televisions on their bellies. Mysterious pinwheels and telephones rise out of the meadow to loosely direct the day's activities. The Sun, featuring a baby's face, comments on the proceedings with baby noises, and it rises and sets to begin and end the show.

Genre: Family, Music & Arts, Fantasy
Directed by: David Hiller
Starring: John Simmit (Dipsy), Nikky Smedley (Laa-Laa), Pui Fan Lee (Po), Tim Whitnall (Narrator / Periscope Voice), Jessica Smith (Sun Baby), Mark Heenehan (Tinky-Winky)
Screenplay: Andrew Davenport
Country: Great Britain, USA
Year: 1997
Score: 33 %
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