Documentary 10 největších tajemství a záhad

10 největších tajemství a záhad

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Program information

Everyone loves a top 10, whether its your favorite TV show, your favorite film, a book, a restaurant. In this series we explore astonishing secrets and mysterious events around the world. Name your number ones.

Genre: Documentary, Science Fiction
Starring: Robert Russel (Self - Narrator 26 episodes, 2017-2019), Zahi Hawass (Self - Former Minister of State for Antiquities Af), Robert J. Groden (Self - Conspiracy Theorist 2 episodes, 2017-2019), Angel Amores (Self - Pilgrim 1 episode, 2017), Beáta Drotárová-Znaková (Self - German Patient 1 episode, 2017), Ram Bahadur Bomjon (Self - Alleged Reincarnated Person 1 episode, 2017)
Screenplay: Filip Appl, Tomás Chvála, Petr Janak, Lukáš Král, Kristyna Chvojkova, Virgilio Dias de Oliveira
Country: Great Britain, USA, Czech Republic
Year: 2017-2019
Score: 51 %

List of episodes

(4) Secrets and Magic of Alternative Medicine - watch
(5) Unsolved Disapperances - watch
(6) Paranormal Activities - watch
(7) Mysteries and Cults of Mummies - watch
(8) Big City Mysteries - watch
(9) Medical Mysteries - watch
(10) Top Secret Military Intelligence Operations - watch
(11) Suppressed Inventions - watch
(12) Secret Cults and Orders - watch
(13) Science and Mysteries for 21st Century - watch
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