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Quello che non sai di me: WT

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A freshly married, harmonious couple - she's Swiss, he's African - is forced, as a result of the husband's unexpected arrest, to deal with each other's dark sides, which is painful, but ultimately makes the relationship more mature.
Patricia and Ikendu meet in a town in Italian-speaking Switzerland. He comes from Mali, she's employed and the single mother of two daughters. He keeps silent about the reasons for his flight, but he's a fantastic cook and brings warmth and stability into the chaos that is Patricia's life. After their wedding, they live a carefree life, without asking each...

Genre: Drama
Directed by: Rolando Colla
Starring: Francesco Cortopassi (Alex), Sara D'Amario (procuratore Riva), Cristian Izzo (avvocato Russo), Alfie Nze (Paul), Linda Olsansky (Patricia), Gaia Sciarini (Alina)
Screenplay: Rolando Colla, Marina Guerrini, Roberto Scarpetti
Country: Switzerland
Year: 2019
Score: 44 %
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