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Dívka na koštěti

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Saxana has the enthusiasm, but lacks the right talent to become a witch. So she's kept in for 300 years - nothing unusual for a sorceress' school. Being bored, she skims through the magicians' lexicon and finds a formula which brings her into the world of the humans for 48 hours. There she meets the friendly Peter who takes her with him to school... and the adventures begin.

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family
Directed by: Václav Vorlícek
Starring: Petra Cernocká (Saxana), Jan Hrusínský (Honza), Karel Augusta, Josef Bláha, Jana Drbohlavová, Zdeněk Díte
Screenplay: Hermína Franková, Miloš Macourek, Václav Vorlícek
Country: Československo
Year: 1972
Score: 78 %
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