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Já, Frankenstein

Film Já, Frankenstein
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200 years later, he's still alive.
The aurora was seen in the starry sky high above snow covered mountains.Trekking through the steep snow was Adam (Aaron Eckhart). In his arms was the limp body of his creator, Victor Frankenstein (Aden Young). Adam made his way to the top of the mountain."I was cast into being in the winter of 1795." Adam narrated as he continued to walk. "A living corpse without a soul." He walked across a freezing river. As he said the next lines, a flashback occurred showing how he was made. "Stitched. Jolted. Bludgeoned back to life... by a mad man." Victor, with his creation wrapped up like a mummy, rolled the body off a bridge and into the river below. "Horrified by his creation, he tried to destroy me. But I survived." In the flashback, Adam surfaced from the muddy river, and made his way back to the castle. "And found my way... back to him."Victor looked around in horror as he heard his wife, Elizabeth (Virginie Le Brun), scream."A life for a life. That's what I wanted." Adam narrated. Victor ran back to his bedroom where the scream came from, only to find Elizabeth dead on the bed. "I took that... of his beloved new bride." Victor saw Adam sneak back out of a door.On a search for vengeance, Victor traveled through a blizzard, as Adam continued his narration. "He pursued me through the far north. I was immune to the cold... he was not." Victor fell to the ground. Dead. Adam appeared over his body.Adam arrived at what appeared to be an old run downed church. Gargoyle statues were perched at places around it. Arriving at a cemetery, Adam dropped to his knees, and Victor rolled to the ground. Next he dug a grave, and gently laid his body in it."I Buried him," Adam continued his narration. "In his family cemetery. It was more than he deserved." As Adam stood over the grave, his face was revealed. Long messy hair, and full of scars. "I thought it was the end... but was actually... just the beginning." On the cross that served as Victor's grave stone, read 'Frankenstein'. With an angry frown, he started to shovel dirt into the grave.Before he could finish burying his creator, sharp finger nails scratched at a nearby gravestone. Adam quickly turned around, only to be surrounded by humanoid creatures in priest robes."We have been waiting for you," one of the creatures said before his skin burned off, and a demonic face looked back at Adam. "You will come with us." Adam tried to fight the closest one, only for it to send him flying into a mausoleum.He tried to get up and fight them, but one of them managed to pin him down by his throat. Adam saw a nearby grave marker that was in a strange symbol. With some struggle, he managed to grab it and quickly stabbed the creature that pinned him down. Said creature burst into flames.Further away, a stone Gargoyle faced in the direction of the grave. Barely a second later, a purple eye opened on it.Back with Adam, the flames from the dead creature swirled around him before it vanished.Several more Gargoyles started to move as the fight escalated in the cemetery. One creature managed to pin Adam down with a weapon, and kept kicking his face until Adam went unconscious. But before he could go for the killing blow, the lead creature told him they needed him alive. After he said that, a Gargoyle grabbed several of the creatures and lifted them in the air. Being left alone, he tried to run, only for one of them to spear him through the chest, which caused his to burst into flames.Ophir (Mahesh Jadu), the one that stabbed the leader, transformed into his human form, and looked up at the sky. The other Gargoyle killed the remaining creature, and the flames went into the ground."That was the last of them." Keziah (Caitlin Stasey) said as she joined Ophir in the cemetery. They both wonder just what Adam is. Ophir remarks, "I never seen a human kill a demon before. And with such strength.""It's been a long time since I've seen demons this far north." Ophir said as Keziah examined the unconscious Adam. They both figure that Adam is something special. Ophir dropped down in Victor's grave, and searched. He pulled out a book. Victor's journal.As Keziah placed her hands on Adam's chest, he stirred in his sleep. "He's alive. It's alive!"Adam quickly woke with a start. Only to find that his hands were shackled to the floor in a strange room. Ophir tried to calm him with a 'shush'.Your Majesty! Keziah called as Gideon (Jai Courtney) entered the room. Behind Gideon was Leonore (Miranda Otto). Adam looked fearful and helpless as the four examined him."No more than a wild beast, your Majesty." Gideon said. "Destroy it. Be done with this." Seeing the shackles starting to rip from the floor, Keziah brought her daggers to Adam's throat. Adam looked to his other side, and saw that Ophir had done the same."So, you understand reason." Leonore spoke."Where am I?" Adam finally spoke. "How did I get here?" Instead of answering, Leonore only wanted to know about the creatures that attacked Adam, and what did they want. "I don't know!""We heard them speak of Naberius." Ophir told him. Keziah also mentioned that Naberius wanted Adam alive, only she used 'thing' instead of Adam."If Naberius wants it alive... all the more reason to destroy it." Gideon stalked forward, only for Adam to struggled in his shackles with a 'no!'. But before Gideon could strike, Leonore stopped him. As Leonore approached Adam, he raised up in a defiant way. His shackles holding steady. Leonore brushed some of Adam's long hair from his fearful face."Him," Leonore corrected. "Not it."As the group lead Adam down a corridor, she introduced herself as Leonore. High Queen of the Gargoyle order. Next was Gideon, her most trusted warrior. She then tells him that he was attacked by four demons under the command of a dark prince called Naberius. She then leads him to a window, and outside, was a huge castle. Gargoyles were frozen in place all over it.The Gargoyle order was commanded into being by the great archangel Michael. Leonore explained. "'tis our sacred duty to wage war against the demon horde. The six hundred and sixty six legions of Hell spawned creatures unleashed by Satan after his fall from Heaven. Humans think of us as mere decoration. They do not know nor could they can see that the brutal unseen war being fought around them every day. The war that may one day determine the fate of all mankind. You have now been drawn into this war."I care not for the world of man. Adam responded, only for Leonore to say that she knows about him. Shunned by his creator. Lost and alone.You will be welcomed here. Until we learn why Naberius wants you. I ask that you stay with us. Safe within these hallowed walls. Leonore said, only for Adam to say he goes his own way. Gideon also bright up the fact that Adam murdered Elizabeth. Victor Frankenstein's wife. All in the heat of passion. Driven by emotions he was never taught to control. He may be more human than he realizes.After she said that, Adam only walks away. But quickly turned around when Leonore says, I understand Frankenstein never offered you a name. I should like to call you... Adam. I promise you this, Adam. Each of us has a higher purpose. Yours has simple yet to reveal itself.After that, Ophir and Keziah lead Adam through the castle. They tell him that they are always outnumbered and their ranks have thinned, but demons remain strong. And to help Adam survive against them, the Queen has asked them to provide him with weapons.Once they enter the weapon room, Ophir tells him that demons can only be descended by blessed objects, such as holy water or a crucifix. Adam picks up a weapon. Keziah mentions that any objects can be made sacramental by marking them with the blessed symbol of the Gargoyle order. And upon looking closer at the weapon, Adam saw it was marked with the symbol."Descended?" Adam asked as he continued to look around for a weapon."When a demon is killed, its spirit descends to hell. Where it remains trapped for all eternity." Ophir answered. Only for Adam to ask, 'How do you descend a Gargoyle?' Keziah tells him that they are sacramental beings of light and good. They ascend. And only godless creatures that have no souls can ascend a Gargoyle.As Adam picks up a pair of blunt weapons, Ophir tells him he would not want that because it's blunt and crude and far too heavy to wield. In response, Adam picks up the other one, and swings both around with ease. Ophir asks him to take a side in the war, and use his gift. Adam walks out of the room with one glance back."I do not care how many demons it descended." Gideon told Leonore. "You should've let me destroy it." She tells him she's not blind to the risk, and that Adam is alive. And all life is sacred. "It is not human born." In which Leonore replies, 'Neither are we, Gideon.' She handed Gideon Victor's journal and tells him to lock it in the vault. It must never fall into Naberius' hands. Gideon tells her it's only a book."'tis written proof that God is no longer the sole creator of man." Leonore told him.Adam exited the castle. Before he left, Ophir told him that if he should ever change his mind, he will always find refuge at the castle."Trusting others," Adam narrated. "Is a mistake you only make once. And so I resolve to seek out the farthest corners of the Earth." As he narrated, Adam once again trekked throughout the world. "Where no human, demon or Gargoyle would ever find me. So many years passed, I lost track of time. Yet I did not grow old and die as humans do." Adam stood high on a mountain practicing how to use his weapons. "Victor Frankenstein's final curse." Adam sketched the Gargoyle symbol onto a homemade dagger. "I thought Naberius' demons have forgotten me... but I was wrong." Three demons crept through a forest. "And I unleashed all my range upon them." His voice turned into a growl towards the end.Adam set a trap for the three demons. And before they knew it, they were nothing more than flames shooting into the sky, before finally being descended back to hell."I had hidden long enough," Adam narrated as time passed. His hair was now shorter, and his scars were more visible. "Now I would hunt those... who are hunting me. I returned to the place I had left so long ago." As he looked over the city, he saw that it had changed drastically. Lights shone brightly. And the castle was now in the middle of a city. "The human world has changed," He walked through a crowd. "In the time I had been gone. But some things... had not changed."Adam entered a club. Everyone looked at him. "If the demons found me in the wilderness. It was only a matter of time before they found me here." He watched a man at a nearby table. "Which is why I had to find them first."He followed the man as he left the club. As he entered a dark alley, he removed his twin weapons. One demon quickly jumped from the shadows. Adam managed to catch him, and pin him to a wall. He asked the demon where Naberius was. But instead, a cop had followed him into the alley. Adam used the demon as a human shield.The creature broke free of Adam's hold, broke his weapon in half, and managed to break the cop's neck in a matter of seconds.Two more demons landed in the alley, which were both taken down in rapid succession. After killing the two demons, he saw the first demon take off down the alley. He chased him, even as the demon climbed up a wall. Once Adam arrived on top of the building, the demon jumped off and ran.Before he could think about giving chase, a Gargoyle swooped down and picked Adam up.Naberius (Bill Nighy) sat in the observation room, which overlooked the lab. He observed the experiment that was happening below. Through the glass was Terra (Yvonne Strahovski). Naberius told her that time was fleeting and not to waste his.Down in the room was a dead rat that was hooked to a large machine. And as the experiment commenced, the machine lit up. First, the mouse started to spasm, then it's heart started to spike until it neared a cardiac arrest. They pushed the machine to it's limit, until it shut down. As Terra walked up to the machine, Carl Avery (Nicholas Bell) said there was a heartbeat.Naberius looked closer at the events through the window. His lips started to curve upwards at the events. Another man entered the room, Dekar (Kevin Grevioux), whispered in his ear. "Sir, we have a situation."In another room, standing before Naberius was the demon that Adam fought. He told Neberius about the events, and also exaggerating some bits of the story. "The way it attacked. Strong and fast... like a Gargoyle. It descended... seven of us. I managed to fight it off. I think I wounded it.""It descended seven demons?" Naberius asked. "Yet, you escaped?" As he questioned the man, including, 'You presumed? You presumed to know what I want.', Dekar slowly moved away from the demon. "And you thought I want you to tell me about the creature rather than capture it yourself. That's the choice you made. It's interesting." Naberius walked passed the demon, only to turn around and slap him. "Do not ever... presume to know what I want. Is that understood." The demon, from his position, asks for forgiveness, and calls him Prince Naberius.Outside, a demon watches as the Gargoyle carries away Adam. Once they reached the top of the castle, the Gargoyle tossed Adam through a window. The Gargoyle, which turns into Ophir, enters the window. As Adam mentions Ophir, several Gargoyles pop out of the shadows and shackle Adam by his arms and legs. All four Gargoyles pull, which lift Adam into the air where Gideon places a collar around Adam's neck.Back with Naberius, he poked at the rat and asked Terra when they will begin the final stage. As soon as she says that reanimating a human is far out of reach, Naberius asked her what she knew of a scientist by the name of Victor Frankenstein."Frankenstein is a myth. A horror story made up to scare children." Terra replied. "And where did he go? Why did he disappear if he really animated a human corpse? Why not share his technology with the rest of the world to save lives and cure paralysis?""Perhaps he wasn't magnanimous as you are, doctor." Naberius said. Terra replied that every scientist keeps a record. Even when their experiments end in failure. "But if Frankenstein... was real, if he really did animate a human, would it help you to study it?" Terra said yes, but the corpse must be over two hundred years old, and nothing left but bones.Adam was strapped in a chair. Leonore entered the room and told him that their war is a war that must be fought in the shadows. It wasn't an open battlefield."You care only about yourself, Adam. Leonore told him. Gideon mentions the human that was killed in the alley, in which Adam said, 'I didn't kill him.' Gideon tells him that his actions lead to his death.They decide that it's best to keep Adam locked up in the castle. They can't risk unleashing him on the streets."My life is my own. You will not take it from me." Adam said."Your life was not granted to you by the grace of god! It was fabricated in a laboratory. And until you learn to use it wisely, I will do what I must.""Then you are no better than Naberius!" As he said that, her kind face was replaced with a demonic looking one.Seeing Adam's look, she reverted back. "When I met you, my first thought was to have you destroyed. But then I looked into your eyes, and do you know what I saw there? Not a soul... but the potential for one. Now all I see is darkness.""I knew of no other way." He said as they were about to walk out. But that stopped them. "I am not human. Nor Gargoyle. Nor Demon. I am like none other." Ophir and Keziah close the doors on him.Meanwhile, Zuriel (Socratis Otto) stood before Naberius. Dekar asked Zuriel how he plans to remove the creature from the cathedral. He planned on sacrificing his own men to cut the Gargoyle numbers."Zuriel. None of my legions ever had so worthy a commander as you." Naberius praised from his desk. "Would they have sacrificed themselves so bravely, so willingly for anyone less. You know what this could mean for them. Do not forget. Now, bring me Frankenstein's monster."The demon horde ran through the streets on their way to the cathedral. The Gargoyles watched them from their perch.Gideon asked how many when told of the demons. Keziah replies that there were fifty or so. And once Gideon looked out the window, hordes of demons were running through the streets. As they got close to the cathedral, the Gargoyles went on the attack.But on a nearby rooftop, Zuriel watched. He transformed into his demonic form, and ran towards the cathedral. Zuriel and his soldiers leapt from the high buildings. On each building, were at least hundreds of demons. Each leaping from the building.Gideon told Ophir and Keziah to secure the creature. Throughout the cathedral, blue lights shone all the way up to the heavens as Gargoyle and Gargoyle was ascended. Gideon formed a battle axe with his three weapons. With demons entering the cathedral, he prepared for battle.Demon after demon entered, only to be felled by Gideon and two other Gargoyles. But not wanting to be overrun, he kicked several demons out the open window, and jumped after them. He transformed halfway down.Back in the room, the demons picked up Adam's trail. Ophir and Keziah stood on either side of a still chained Adam. He begged them for a weapon. Ophir growled, and swung his weapon. Which shattered Adam's binds. Now free, Ophir handed Adam a bladed weapon, just as the demons started to break through the door.Seeing the door about to give way, Adam quickly broke it down and used it as a shield as he charged through the horde. Ophir and Keziah were right behind him, killing what Adam missed.As Keziah killed another demon, she was struck from behind. Ophir was also struck, and she watched as he ascended before her eyes.The clock struck twelve, and the loud bell rang. Gideon stood atop the cathedral, and seeing the carnage below him, he roared. Filled with rage, he swooped down and sliced any demon that he saw.The demons had started to flee back towards the city. The remaining Gargoyles, in their rage, gave chase.Inside, Adam approached the wounded Keziah. He offered to do what he can to help, but she said she wanted to be with Ophir. Their love was forbidden by the order, "Will not be so anymore." With that, she a few tears dripped from her eyes as she ascended.Leonore told her guards to help the others.Adam began to get information from a demon that was left behind. "We knew the Gargoyles would do everything they could to keep you out of Naberius' hands." A demon exploded through the window and struck Leonore. "In the heat of battle, they left unprotected... their greatest treasure." The demon grabbed Leonore by the throat. "All we had to do was lure Gideon and the others away."With Gideon, two of his fellow Gargoyles captured a female demon that came with a message from Zuriel.Adam punched his captured demon. "Tell me where Zuriel took her." Not getting an answer, he punched again."She locked you up. She despised you!" The demon said. "You are nothing to her, but another grand human mistake!" Adam grabbed the demon and brought him over to a small fountain. Filled with holy water. Even being three inches away from the water, the demon had started to smoke. Adam asked again. "Gideon is to bring you there. In exchange for Leonore." Adam shoved the demon's face into the water. His face started to burn away, and as Adam threw him to the ground, he exploded in flames."Descend in pain, demon."Adam exited the cathedral just as the Gargoyles returned. Gideon entered the room where Leonore was attacked, only to see a small crater.Gideon walked through the halls of the cathedral. He was flanked by two other Gargoyles, who tell him it is forbidden to remove the items in the vault and that none of them have the authority to do so. The queen had expressively forbidden it. And it was dangerous to do so."Leonore is the spiritual leader of the entire order. Our only direct link to the archangels. Without her, we're but a... dying flock of vigilantes with no hope of ever being reinforced. Is that what you want?" Gideon told them.Once Gideon arrive at the vault, he placed his two daggers into a panel in the floor which acted as a keyhole. Once he turned it, an alter opened up, with spiraling stairs that lead down. He made his way down into the room. Instead of looking around, he made his way to a box, and upon opening it, he pulled out. Frankenstein's journal."May god forgive me." He said as he closed the box.Adam entered the building, at the same time Gideon did. Only the latter broke through the ceiling, only to see Zuriel holding Leonore, who says he should not have come. Zuriel ask him to show his weapons, which he replies he is unarmed, as Zuriel instructed. Zuriel then ask where is the creature.As Gideon spoke, Adam was sneaking around in the shadows. "I no longer know. When I returned to the cathedral, it had already escaped." Zuriel grabbed Leonore by the throat. "Wait!" He pulled out Frankenstein's journal. Leonore shook her head as she saw what he brought. "This is the private scientific journal of Victor Frankenstein. We found it on Frankenstein's body the night we rescued the creature two hundred years ago. It contains, in detail, how Victor Frankenstein conceived, and then constructed his unholy abomination." Several demons started to stealthily make their way in the room. "And I pray that it may save my queen now.""Gideon, I command you take the journal from this place and let me ascend." She told him.Instead of obeying her, he placed the journal at Zuriel's feet. And as soon as Zuriel dropped Leonore, Gideon grabbed her and flew through the hole in the ceiling.Adam quickly leapt from his spot, weapons raised, and landed before Zuriel, who took off with journal in hand. The demons were quick to attack Adam, but they fell quickly. With them dead, he quickly took off after Zuriel, who used a keycard to enter an elevator. Adam quickly slit the throat of the lone demon near the elevator and took his keycard.Zuriel handed the journal to Naberius, who asked what it was. Nearby, cutting a corpse open, was Molokai ([link=nm0817748[)."It looks like Victor Frankenstein's hand written account of how he brought his creature to life. This is better for us. This is everything we need to bring back our fallen.""We'll let the humans decide that." Naberius replied walking away.Adam watched everything from is position from a column. He quickly followed after the two demons, only to come to a stop at another elevator. But past the elevator, he saw something disturbing. Hundreds of dead bodies hooked to some machine.Naberius entered Terra's lab, and walked up to her. Journal in hand. "You asked for Frankenstein's creature. I bring you something far more... edifying." He handed her the book, which she flipped open. She was curious to where he got it, but Carl was curious to know if it was real, to which Naberius replied, "You tell me." When Naberius left the two alone, Terra continued to flip through the pages.Back at the cathedral, Leonore stared at the seat that Adam was chained to. Gideon told her they lost sixteen warriors."I should never have held him here." Leonore said still looking at the chair. Gideon said it was the creature's doing, not hers. "Was I wrong to keep the journal from him?""Everything you do is for the good of humanity. There is no wrong in that. However, now that the creature knows of the journal's existence...""Why must you call him that?" She asked."Now that he knows. What are you prepared to do?""Find Adam." She told him with conviction. "Call every Gargoyle you can spare. Post them on every rooftop." Gideon argued about what they will do after they find him. 'Bring him back to the cathedral, and sacrifice even more Gargoyles to protect him?' "God may not have put Adam on this Earth, but he did allow him to live over two hundred years against incredible odds. It is not for you or I to deny God's purpose.""Sooner or later, your Majesty, you will have no choice."Back at the lab, Terra continued to read the journal. "Eels...?" Carl asked 'what?'. "Electric eels. That's where he got his power from. Six electric eels generating five hundred volts each." From there, they talked about all that energy flowing through the creature's veins, powering its heart and other organs. But then the conversation drifted to what would it take to kill it.Adam made his way through the building, until he made his way to the observation room. From there, he could see Terra. And then he saw her looking through the journal. And the page she was looking at was an exact picture of Adam. As Terra realizes something they may have missed, Adam burst through the glass and landed in the lab. Sirens blared as Terra met Adam's eyes. As he got closer to her, she shakily gave him the journal.Dekar and several more men took this time to enter. Adam looked each way for an exit as he backed away from the men."Leave him be!" Naberius commanded. "My apologies for the zealous nature of our security. Perhaps if you'd simply knocked on the front door, this unfortunate awkwardness might've been avoided.""Who are you?" Adam asked."Charles Wessex. And you... must be Frankenstein." Naberius walked closer to Adam."My name is Adam.""We are all the sons of our fathers, are we not? Denying who we are only means that we are... lost. I am a journeyman. A partisan of progress. Like your father, I too seek to unravel the mortal coils of life. This is doctor Wade. She's one of the worlds most respected electro physiologist. Terra, wracked with nervousness managed a small, 'Hello.' "I have been trying to replicate Victor Frankenstein's stunning triumph... for quite some time." He now stood by Dekar.Terra managed to overcome her nerves and spoke up. "What I've read of the journal has already been extremely helpful..." Adam gave her an angry look that made her shut up."Be reasonable, Adam. You are a living miracle. You contain answers so many seek." Naberius said."I seek my own answers." Adam replied."Of course you do." Naberius walked even closer to Adam. "Stay with us. Help us understand your fathers work, and together we can unlock those answers and more." Far behind Naberius, Zuriel stood. Naberius looked into Adam's eyes. "Yes... Victor Frankenstein gave you life. But he could not restore your soul, could he?" As Naberius was about to touch Adam, he quickly grabbed his hand, only for Naberius' eyes to flash. Zuriel came running towards him. With no other escape route, Adam dove out the window behind him.Instead of hitting the ground, he went though it and landed on a moving subway train. He rolled on the top of it, until he fell through an opening. He managed to grab onto the train before he could fall between it. Seeing nowhere else to go, he entered the train car, and sat in a seat. He pulled out the journal and gently flipped through it.Back in the building, Dekar told Naberius that their was no sign of the creature. He could be anywhere by now. Zuriel said that it would find a safe place so it can study the journal... and then come back. As Naberius asked, 'For what?', Terra entered the area and came up to them. Zuriel then says, "Answers."Terra asked Naberius to explain what is going on. But Naberius only says it was just a break in. A security matter. Terra then shakes that off, and tells him that Frankenstein's creature is alive. She then asked who Zuriel is. Only for Naberius to say he is just an extra layer of security."Well your extra layer of security just blew any hopes I might have had of analyzing that creature." Terra said. "Didn't you hear what it said? It wants answers and I'm the one who might've been able to provide them. The only one.""You may be right." Naberius said, but he was looking at Zuriel. He turned back to Terra. "You look tired, doctor. It's late. You really ought to get some rest." Terra started to argue with that. "We lost both the creature and the journal, doctor. What more can you do tonight?" She continued to argue with him. "I will notify you should we recover the one or the other. Go home doctor."Back in the train, Adam continued to read the journal."I am not recording the visions of a madman. My methods and reasons are scientifically sound." Adam's voice faded to Victor's as he flipped through the book. "I succeeded in discovering the core in the generation of life. A graveyard to furnish the few raw materials I require..." Adam came upon the picture of himself. He quickly slammed the book shut.Terra walked out of the building. But inside the building, Zuriel and Naberius watched her from a window high above. Naberius asked Zuriel how certain it will come for her."It needs someone to make sense of the journal. Only she can do that."Adam watched Terra from his position on a building. He kept tailing her, even when she got on a train. She noticed someone following her, so she ran and hid behind an object. She was unaware that Adam was behind her. And as she turned around, he put his hand over her mouth. He told her he won't hurt her and released her. And as he started to walk away, he told her to come with him, which she did."Why are you following me?" She asked him."How close are you to reanimating a human corpse?" He asked her instead of answering. She said that she couldn't tell him that. He handed her the journal. "Would this help?" She tried to grab it, only for him to yank it back. She said that she hadn't had the chance to finish the book. "What if you examine me?" She replied, 'Back at the institute?'. "Not there. Somewhere away from it." She argued that all of her equipment is there. "You know who it is your working for?" She answered, 'Mr. Wessex?' "That's not who you think he is. There's a war. A war humans don't know about. It's been going on for centuries. It could mean the end of all mankind.""A war between who?""Gargoyles and demons. I think your boss is a demon prince called Naberius." Adam explained, only for her to say, 'A demon prince?' "Been hunting me. For over two hundred years. Now I think I know why. We have to get off the streets." As he kicked open a door, Zuriel, who was looking for them, heard the noise. Terra hesitated, but followed Adam into the building. "Naberius is storing human corpses at the Wessex institute.""Corpses? No, we're still years away for human trials." She told him, only for him to say he saw the bodies. He mentions that there's enough to animate an entire army of monsters like him.Zuriel entered the building behind them."What did you say your name is? Adam?" Terra said."That's the name the Gargoyle Queen gave to me.""Look... I understand you probably suffered severe brain damage during the reanimation process given the level of...""This is real!" Adam interrupted. "All of it." Instead of believing him, she simply told him she didn't believe in Gargoyles."Frankenstein!" Zuriel yelled as he appeared. As Adam got his weapons ready, Zuriel's skin burned away and revealed his demonic form."Oh, shit!" Terra said as she saw it.Adam told her to run. Both Adam and Zuriel charged for each other. Adam and Zuriel both have the same type of weapons. "This ends tonight." Adam said, then charged forward.During the intense fight, Adam was kicked off a scaffold. Zuriel dove down after him, then held his weapon to Adam's throat. Adam told him that he saw the bodies, and that they will never be able to control them. But Zuriel tells him that control has never been the problem, and that there are millions of demon spirits trapped and waiting for a chance to possess a human. Nearby, Terra made her way closer to them. And when Adam asked what everything had to do with him, Zuriel's reply was simple."You have no soul. And a demon spirit can only possess a body that has no soul." Zuriel picked up the journal from Adam's pocket. "You know what the best thing about having the journal is. I no longer need to bring you in alive." Before he could strike a killing blow, Terra yells that she needs it alive.As Terra kept on talking, Zuriel didn't see the hidden knife that Adam pulled from his sleeve. Zuriel leaned down to Adam's level as he contemplated keeping him alive. But as he grabbed Adam, a knife slammed into his stomach. Both Adam and Terra watched as Zuriel started to burn away, but he was still holding the journal. Adam told Terra to grab it before it was destroyed. She managed to grab it just as Zuriel descendedTerra lead Adam back to his hideout. She went through the cabinet for something she could use, but as she closed the door, she saw Adam through the mirror. Not because he was shirtless, but because of the scars that littered it. She told him to sit down. At first, he refused. When he finally sat down, it was with a pained grunt. On his back was a bleeding stab wound, that she started to sew up. He flinched at the pain. As she continued to sew his wound, he told her they couldn't stay there long. He told her that they need to get to Leonore, but she still doesn't believe him. He tells her that Naberius will kill most of the humans, and enslave the rest. But when she says what will he do, Adam replies that it has nothing to do with him."Well, of course it does. You're as much a part of this world as anybody." He tells her that he's different. "You're not that different.""I'm a dozen used parts from eight different corpses. I'm a monster.""You're only a monster if you behave like one." She told him. Once she was done sewing him, he tells her that he never had to thank a human for anything before. "We have our uses, I suppose." Adam laid down on the bed and drifted off. Terra turned to him, only to see him asleep. She grabbed the journal from her bag and flipped it open.Back where Zuriel died, Naberius and his demons search for the journal.When Adam woke up, he saw Terra reading through the journal. When she asked how he was feeling, he replied with, "I've been through worst.""What happened to Victor Frankenstein? They say he vanished after his..." Adam looked from the sink, and stared in the mirror. "...wife died.""I killed his wife." Adam said as he put on his shirt. "He hunted me. I would've killed him too. But he froze to death. I hated him.""Have you... killed anyone since?" Terra asked."Only demons."After a moment, Terra told him that she finished the book, and that Victor refined the process after Adam. As she handed the journal back to Adam, she told him she thinks she could reproduce it. And even improve on it."Frankenstein promised to make you a companion, didn't he?" Terra asked."A promise he broke." Adam replied."Is that why you came to me? You want me to fulfill Victor Frankenstein's promise." Once she finished, her cell phone rang. It was Carl. She told him to leave Wessex.With Carl, as he was about to meet Terra, he ran into Dekar.Adam told her she shouldn't have done that. He offered to go with her to the train station, to protect her, but she turned him down. But before she walked out, he gave her his dagger that had the blessed symbol on it.Once Terra reached the station, she found out it was a trap. Dekar appeared behind her. She quickly swung the dagger, only for Dekar to grab her wrist, which he snapped causing her to drop the knife.Adam entered the cathedral. But Barachel and Levi restrained him as they lead him to Leonore, who told them to release him. Adam wanted to know why Leonore lied to him, only for her to say she had a higher duty to protect the human race."Do you understand what this journal is to me. It's the chronicle of how I came to be. Who I am. What I am.""You are a unique lonely being rejected by both your maker and the rest of humanity. And as a result, you were filled with rage. You do not need a book to tell you that." He tells her that Naberius has found a way to summon every demon they ever descended. When she asked 'what', he simply said possession. Bodies that have no souls."Only the dead have no souls. What is the use of possessing a corpse?" Gideon said."There is none. Unless you can animate that corpse." Adam answered. Naberius has been planning this for centuries. "Victor Frankenstein just made it possible." When Leonore asked how he knew about all of that, he replied, "I've seen the bodies. There are tens of thousands of them."He tells them he has someone he has to protect. A human. "What will you have us do?" Leonore asked."Get us out of here." Was his demand. "Then I will tell you where to find him.""Retrieve your scientist. Come back here, then we shall take you where you wish to go." Leonore said. "I've made too many mistakes with you, Adam. I will not make another." With that said, Adam walked out. "Follow him, Gideon. As soon as you have the journal in sight, destroy him."Adam walked through an alley. A loud noise put him on alert. Upon entering a building, he grabbed an axe from a fire case. He walked down a hallway. The floor creaked, the walls were rotted, paper and trash were scattered about. And every little noise caused him to go on alert. He slowly entered his hideout, while calling out for Terra. Instead of Terra, he found the journal on the floor near the bed.His eyes caught a glimpse of something in the mirror. But as he turned around, Gideon slammed into him and knocked him through the wall. Gideon slammed into him again, and this time, he flew through a door, and came to a roll to the hole that Gideon first made. He used his axe to keep himself from falling all the way to the ground.Gideon stood over Adam. His foot went under the axe. And with a smirk, his foot raised which caused the axe to fly back and Adam to fall. But luckily he grabbed onto the floor before he could fall. He managed to climb back up, but there wasn't a sign of Gideon. But behind him, Gideon flew back towards the building and slammed into Adam before he could react. Gideon, grabbing Adam by the neck, slammed through wall after wall, which caused the roof to collapse behind them. And finally, they were outside. Only Gideon had released Adam, which caused him to fall. While falling, Gideon swung his battle axe, only for Adam to grab it. Adam struck a car, followed by Gideon on top of him.But it turned out that Adam used Gideon's own weapon against him. "Remember, I have no soul.""God will surely damn you." A blue light surrounded Gideon."He already did." Adam responded as Gideon ascended.Seeing the blue light. Two Gargoyles hurried to the location. A while later, Levi handed Gideon's cloth to Leonore.Back on the street, Adam picked up the knife that he gave to Terra.Inside Wessex, Terra escaped Dekar's grip, and confronted Naberius. "I know who you are. And I know what you want me to do. And I won't do it. I'd rather die."Naberius quickly grabbed Carl by his throat, and squeezed. Terra rushed to Carl as he crumpled to the floor. "You want him back? Show me how."Carl was now hooked to a machine, with a tearful Terra doing the procedure. The machine fired up, but Carl wasn't the only thing the machine was reanimating. All the other human corpses that Naberius had, the machine also turned on.Meanwhile, Adam threw the journal into a fire. He watched as the picture of himself went up in flames. He begin to walk towards the cathedral. One of the Gargoyles saw him. Adam raised his hands in the air, but as the Gargoyle went in for the attack, Adam walked away.Barachel entered Leonore's room. "My queen. We found the creature."High above, the Gargoyles tailed Adam. He glanced up to make sure he was followed. Once out of the alley, he stood in the middle of the road. The rooftops were lined with Gargoyles. He met Leonore's eyes, which flicked to the side as a Gargoyle headed for Adam. Seeing it, Adam charged. With a flying leap, he punched the Gargoyle, which crashed into a parked car. At Leonore's command, more flew at him.As they chased him, Adam ran. His destination: The Wessex Institute. He grabbed onto a Gargoyle that tried to slice him. They crashed through the gate, then flew into the air.Inside the building, Dekar says, "Sir. It's here.""Him. Not it." Terra corrected.Outside, Adam was now surrounded by demons while the Gargoyles circle above.Leonore watched from above as Adam began to take down demon after demon. "This is the place." She whispered. "He led us here.""Leave him to me." Dekar said as he shoved past the demons. With a roar, Dekar was about to charge. only for a Gargoyle to grab him by the head and pull him into the air, followed by stabbing him with a weapon, effectively descending him. More Gargoyles join the fray. Adam, seeing his chance, heads into the building. Behind him was pure carnage.Lenore saw Molokai run from the building, and noticed a back way into said building.Adam entered the lab. "Frankenstein." Naberius greeted. "How good of you to come back.""I've come to destroy you. And this place. The Gargoyle order must survive. And mankind with it.""You cannot... destroy me." Naberius said. "And I have many other places such as this... all over the world. As for the order, and mankind, nothing can stop their demise. Let alone a monster like you." Naberius revealed his true demonic form. Adam charged, and managed to slice Naberius several times.Terra tried to shut down the program, only for it to say access denied. Naberius grabbed her by the back of her neck. "Too late, Dr. Wade. We already have everything we need from you."He threw her towards the machine, which was shooting electricity. Adam caught her, but his back managed to hit the machine sending volts upon volts of electricity into his body. He dropped Terra onto the floor. After agonizing seconds, Adam fell to the floor."I am a demon prince! You will knell before me!" Naberius yelled.Meanwhile, Leonore, Levi and Barachel managed to find Molokai's lab. And on the computer, the reanimation process was 40% complete.Naberius grabbed Adam by the air and pulled him to his feet. He grabbed him by the throat. "I know what you want, Adam. What you always wanted. I will make hundreds like you. Thousands. I have been gathering human corpses for centuries." Leonore and her group walked through the large collection of corpses. "Each one a host for the legions of demon spirits I will now summon from Hell." On one of the corpses, it read 92%. "You will be the first," Using Adam's blood, Naberius drew a symbol on Adam's forehead. "You will be one of us. And you will no longer be... alone." He lifted Adam up by his throat, and began to speak in a demonic dialect.Leonore watched in horror as demon spirits started to flow into the human corpses. Many of the corpses began to scream."Your Majesty! The moment they awake they could be possessed!" Barachel told her."Destroy them." She commanded. "Destroy them all!"Terra came too, only to see Adam being held in the air by Naberius.Barachel and Levi continued to destroy the corpses. But then Leonore saw something. A demon spirit that flew upwards. Past the human corpses.The demon spirit wrapped around Adam's leg, then the rest of his body. Adam screamed as he was lifted into the air by the spirit. The flames flew into his eyes.Back down below, as the Gargoyles kept trying to destroy the corpses, a green light appeared on a corpse, followed by 100%. The human stopped screaming and was replaced by a demon. It was quickly destroyed by Leonore.Terra watched as Adam was being possessed. On a monitor next to her, it read 'Initiated Body Release'.Down below, the machine was starting to release the corpses.Adam dropped to the ground. "Welcome, my son." Naberius said. "You have possessed a truly remarkable body."Adam looked up with a smirk. "I am not your son," He wiped off the blood on his forehead. "And this body... is mine.""No... it's not possible." Adam looked at the cuts he made on Naberius' chest. He picked up a sharp object. "You have a soul..." Adam took the object and sliced upwards. Connecting that to the three horizontal cuts, he made a blessed Gargoyle mark on Naberius' chest. Adam dove to the side as Naberius exploded in flames. The flames shot out of the entire Wessex building. Even the Gargoyles were forced to dodge it. The flames then curved upwards, before shooting downwards at a high speed.Adam grabbed Terra just as the flames started to dig into the building, but they were caught in the middle. The floor crumbled, and Terra fell. But she was caught by Adam who grabbed her hand.Back down below, Leonore, Levi and Barachel saw the entire ceiling coming down towards them. As the flaming fireball that was Naberius' spirit came down, Leonore charged straight at it.Outside, the Gargoyles watched as the entire building sunk into the Earth. One of them started to fly towards the hole in the ground. He flew over the hole. The fireball continued to travel back towards Hell. Then he noticed something else. Leonore. She was covered in a blue glow, and was carrying both Adam and Terra. Once outside, the Gargoyles headed back towards the cathedral.Inside, Adam gently sat Terra down.He turned to Leonore. "Gideon". He started, but she only replied with, 'I know.' "Then... why did you save me?""Because you finally found your higher purpose.""Where's the journal?" Terra asked him, in which he said he doesn't need it anymore. Adam offered her his hand, which she took."We do not ask for the lives we are given." Adam narrated. "But each of use has the right to defend that life. I have fought to defend mine." Adam stood on a rooftop as he narrated. "And when the forces of darkness return, you shall know that I am out there. Fighting to defend yours. I, descender of the demon horde. I, my father's son. I, Frankenstein."

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller
Directed by: Stuart Beattie
Starring: Yvonne Strahovski (Terra), Aaron Eckhart (Adam), Yvonne Strzechowski (Terra), Miranda Otto (Leonore), Bill Nighy (Naberius), Jai Courtney (Gideon)
Country: USA, Australia
Year: 2014
Score: 52 %
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