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Krajina přílivu

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The squirrels made it seem less lonely
Pre-teen Jeliza-Rose's parents are hopeless drug addicts. When pa, rocker Noah, finds ma OD's, he fears to be charged of homicide and takes her along to his ma's place, in a desolate country region. With Noah passed out, the girl mentally transfers to a fantasy worlds she and her doll heads enter magically. In its adventures she also stars the crazy locals, notably Dell, her domineering hag ma and adult, but retarded brother Dickens.

Genre: Drama, Mystery
Directed by: Terry Gilliam
Starring: Jodelle Ferland (Jeliza-Rose), Aldon Adair (Luke), Janet McTeer (Dell), Brendan Fletcher (Dickens), Jennifer Tilly (Královna Gunhilda), Jeff Bridges (Noah)
Screenplay: Tony Grisoni, Terry Gilliam
Country: Canada, Great Britain
Year: 2005
Score: 65 %
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