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Loch Ness

Film Loch Ness
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For 1500 years one legend remains undiscovered undisturbed until now LOCH NESS.
Dr. Jonathan Dempsey's formerly brilliant career as a zoologist is fading into distant memory. Years of gambling his reputation on 'mythical' animals has all but destroyed his credibility. Now his scheming boss has blackmailed him into taking over the late Dr. Abernathy's Loch Ness project--disproving once and for all the existance of the legendary monster. Dempsey arrives in Inverness, only to find the monthly monster hunter convention in full swing. But Dempsey, along with his newly appointed assistant, has a job to do and as he makes every effort to commence his super high-tech scan of the Loch, it seems the locals are intent on stopping them. No more monsters means no more tourists which is vital to the livelihood of the community. Reaching the end of the biggest sonar sweep in history, it seems that Dempsey has the scientific proof he needs to dispel the myth. But deep below the surface of the water something stirs and an age old secret is about to be revealed....

Genre: Drama, Adventure
Directed by: John Henderson
Starring: Ted Danson (Dr. Jonathan Dempsey), Joely Richardson (Laura McFetridgeová), Ian Holm (Water Bailiff), Harris Yulin (Dr. Robert Mercer), James Frain (Adrian Foote), Keith Allen (Gordon Shoals)
Screenplay: John Fusco
Country: Great Britain, USA
Year: 1996
Score: 55 %
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