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drama, z�hady, thriller, fantasy
Directed by:
Jaume Collet-Serra
Liam Neeson (doktor Martin Harris), Diane Krugerová (Gina), January Jonesová (Elizabeth Harrisová), Aidan Quinn (jiný Martin Harris), Bruno Ganz (Ernst Jürgen), Frank Langella (Rodney Cole)
Velká Británie, Německo, Francie, Kanada, Japonsko, USA
Take back your life.

Dr. Martin Harris, an American Bio-technologist, arrives in Berlin with his ravishing wife, Elizabeth to attend the Biotechnology Submit. On reaching the hotel, he finds some part of the luggage missing. He takes a cab back to the airport in order to locate the missing luggage, but before he could inform his wife the cab meets an accident and falls off the bridge into the river. The female driver of the cab, after rescuing him, flees from the scene. Dr. Harris is taken to a medical facility where he finally regains his consciousness after spending four days in a coma. He seems to have suffered from a bout of temporary amnesia, but he soon remembers of his wife and the purpose of their visit to Berlin. He is suddenly overcome by a desperate urge to unite with his wife and he leaves the hospital immediately. On arriving at the hotel, he confronts the security to arrange for a meeting with his wife. To his dismay, he realizes that his identity has been taken by someone else as even Elizabeth refuses to recognize him. Now his only hope lies with the female cab driver, who is the only witness to the accident that he suffered. As he tries to unravel the mystery behind this collusive subterfuge, he must overcome not only those who have rendered him a pariah, but must also confront his own dark past.
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