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Film Obchod na korze
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Drama, Válečný
Directed by:
Ján Kadár, Elmar Klos
Ida Kaminska (Rozalie Lautmann), Jozef Króner (Antonin Brtko), Hana Slivková (Evelyna Brtková), Martin Hollý (Imro Kuchar), Adam Matějka (Piti Báci), František Zvarík (Marcus Kolkotsky)
Film je adaptací stejnojmenné novely Ladislava Grosmana. Vypráví tragikomický příběh staré židovské obchodnice za druhé světové války.

Slovakia during WW2. Tono lives a poor life, but the authorities offer him a take over the Jewish widow Lautman's little shop for sewing material. She is old and confused and thinks that he is looking for employment and hires him. The odd couple begin to like each other. But some time later the authorities decide that the Jews must leave the city. What should he do with the old lady?
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