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A bittersweet story of two brothers in search of the American dream. Primo and Secondo Pilaggi are Italian immigrants who settle on the New Jersey shore and open a restaurant, the Paradise, hoping to strike it rich. Primo, the elder brother, is a master chef from the Old World who is concerned only with quality and authenticity in the kitchen. Secondo, the younger brother and business manager, is all too eager to compromise if it means more customers and more cash. Teetering on the brink of failure, the brothers learn that the famed Italian-American musician Louis Prima is performing in the area and they contrive to host a dinner in his honor. Hoping that a "big night" built around a celebrity like Prima will get them publicity, the brothers pool all their talent, energy and every cent they have to plan a sumptuous banquet of unsurpassed ambition. What follows is a culinary adventure that will teach them alot about themselves, each other, and their different definitions of life, love and success.

Genre: Drama
Starring: Marc Anthony (Cristiano), Tony Shalhoub (Primo), Stanley Tucci (Secondo), Larry Block (Muž v restauraci), Caroline Aaron (Žena v restauraci), Andre Belgrader (Stash)
Country: USA
Year: 1996
Score: 72 %
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