Power Songy

Power Songy
Play Power Songy online or choose from hundreds of musical shows and concerts. On top of that, you can watch 133 TV channels including unlimited recording, movie library and the option to watch up to 30 days retrospectively. Bring joy to your friends and yourself only for 7.39 € a month.

Program information

A show from the artistic environment

Genre: Music & Arts
Broadcasted on: Power TV

List of episodes

Power Songy 25.6.2022 - watch
Power Songy 26.6.2022 - watch
Power Songy 27.6.2022 - watch
Power Songy 28.6.2022 - watch
Power Songy 29.6.2022 - watch
Power Songy 30.6.2022 - watch
Power Songy 1.7.2022 - watch
Power Songy 2.7.2022 - watch
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