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This synopsis is too short and may not include the required detailed description of the entire plot. We normally require that synopses be at least 10 lines long. If you have seen this title, please help us by improving and expanding this synopsis. Follows two computer nerds in the department of IT for fictional company 'Reynholm Industries' and there new Head of Department, who knows nothing about computers, through the problems of work with people higher up in the company and through life in general.

Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Graham Linehan
Starring: Chris O'Dowd (Roy), Richard Ayoade (Moss), Katherine Parkinson (Jen), Christopher Morris (IV) (Denholm Reynholm), John Willie Hopkins (Postman), Nancy Lodder (Office Girl)
Screenplay: Graham Linehan
Country: Great Britain
Year: 2006
Score: 85 %
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