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Series Inga Lindström: Síla přátelství
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Drama, Romantický
Directed by:
Karola Hattop
Marie Zielckeová (Elin Holgersohn), Xaver Hutter (Jonas Berggren), David C. Bunners (Frank Holgersohn), Elisabeth Böhm (Annika Petterson), Helmut Berger (Per Berggren), Kai Ivo Baulitz (Sven Carlsson)
Swedish eco-farmer Sven Carlsson grew up as inseparable friend of Jonas Berggren, now a Fomula 1 pilot, and Elin, who gave up her biology study after marrying Stckholm pharmacist Frank Holgersohn. After a single reunion on his farm, Sven dies and leaves his estate to his buddies. Jonas would refuse, having fallen out with his pa years ago and invoking his contractual obligations. Elin gets him to stay at least for a while, which may prove enough time to reconsider their present hasty lives.
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