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Malý pitaval z velkého města

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Series information

Detective stories based on real cases of murder, robbery, burglary and other crimes investigated by a Prague criminal police team in the 1980s.

Genre: Crime
Directed by: Jaroslav Dudek
Starring: Ladislav Frej (Bretislav Kubát, head of department), Vlastimil Hasek (Rudolf Pekar, detective), Jirí Krampol (Libor Krajícek, detective), Michal Pesek (Jirí Otradovec, detective), Pavel Zednícek (Kamil Hamrík, detective), Josef Abrhám (Police officer)
Screenplay: Ivan Bohata, Jaroslav Dietl
Country: Československo
Year: 1982
Score: 67 %

List of episodes

(1) Aranzér - watch
(2) Milenec - watch
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