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Heroes. Villains. Whatever.
Hope Mikaelson, a tribrid daughter of a Vampire/Werewolf hybrid, makes her way in the world. Continuing the tradition of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, the story of the next generation of supernatural beings at The Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted. Klaus Mikaelson's daughter, 17-year-old Hope Mikaelson; Alaric Saltzman's twins, Lizzie and Josie Saltzman; and other young adults come of age in the most unconventional way possible, nurtured to be their best spite of their worst impulses

Genre: Horror, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller
Directed by: Geoff Shotz, Michael A. Allowitz, Chris Grismer, Julie Plec, Carol Banker, Angela Barnes Gomes
Starring: Danielle Rose Russell (Hope Mikaelson 30 episodes 2018-2020), Aria Shahghasemi (Landon Kirby 30 episodes 2018-2020), Kaylee Bryant (Josie Saltzman 30 episodes 2018-2020), Jenny Boyd (Lizzie Saltzman 30 episodes 2018-2020), Quincy Fouse (Milton 'MG' Greasl
Screenplay: Julie Plec, L.J. Smith, Sherman Payne, Marguerite MacIntyre, Stephanie McFarlane, Adam Higgs
Country: USA
Year: 2018-2021
Score: 73 %

List of episodes

Season 1:
(1) This Is the Part Where You Run - watch
(2) Some People Just Want to Watch the World Burn - watch
(3) We're Being Punked, Pedro - watch
(4) Hope Is Not the Goal - watch
(5) Malivore - watch
(6) Mombie Dearest - watch
(7) Death Keeps Knocking on My Door - watch
(8) Maybe I Should Start from the End - watch
(9) What Was Hope Doing in Your Dreams? - watch
(10) There's a World Where Your Dreams Came True - watch
(11) We're Gonna Need a Spotlight - watch
(12) There's a Mummy on Main Street - watch
(13) The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do - watch
(14) Let's Just Finish the Dance - watch
(15) I'll Tell You a Story - watch
(16) There's Always a Loophole - watch
Season 2:
(1) I'll Never Give Up Hope - watch
(2) This Year Will Be Different - watch
(3) You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know - watch
(4) Since When Do You Speak Japanese? - watch
(5) Screw Endgame - watch
(6) That's Nothing I Had to Remember - watch
(7) It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough - watch
(8) This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent - watch
(9) I Couldn't Have Done This Without You - watch
(10) This Is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies - watch
More episodes
(11) What Cupid Problem? - watch
(12) Kai Parker Screwed Us - watch
(13) You Can't Save Them All - watch
(14) There's a Place Where the Lost Things Go - watch
(15) Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself - watch
(16) Facing Darkness Is Kinda My Thing - watch
Season 3:
(1) We're Not Worthy - watch
(2) Goodbyes Sure Do Suck - watch
(3) Salvatore: The Musical! - watch
(4) Hold on Tight - watch
(5) This Is What It Takes - watch
(6) To Whom It May Concern - watch
(7) Legacies - watch
(8) Long Time, No See - watch
(9) Do All Malivore Monsters Provide This Level of Emotional Insight? - watch
(10) All's Well That Ends Well - watch
(11) You Can't Run from Who You Are - watch
(12) I Was Made to Love You - watch
(13) One Day You Will Understand - watch
(14) This Feels a Little Cult-y - watch
(15) Legacies - watch
(16) Legacies - watch
(17) Legacies - watch
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