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It Hits Home
DAY 1Open with Brody on videotape, leaving a message to be viewed after he's dead. He talks about loving his country, and that was he is doing is simply part of the oath he has taken as a Marine. The vice president of the U.S. is a domestic threat to the country.Saul stops by to see Carrie. Maggie says she's not doing well. Carrie hasn't left her room in three days and isn't eating. Saul goes upstairs and talks with Carrie. He doesn't discuss specifics, but promises not to give up on looking at Abu Nazir's break from doing bad things. She talks about Brody and he wonders if she's in love with him.Brody finishes filming inside (inside a storage locker) and hides the camera card in wall, marking the location with a chalk line.We see Walker hid in the backseat of a woman's car while she is playing bingo in a senior center.Vice President Walden addressed key staff and supporters, talking announcing his presidential run the following morning. Estes thinks the plan is dangerous given how many important people will be there. Walden isn't worried since Walker is "only one guy."Walker is still in the back seat as the woman drives up to a checkpoint near her home. Apparently she lives just two blocks from the State Department. When she gets into her underground garage Walker pops out from the backseat and sticks a gun to her head.Virgil tries to help get Carrie to eat. It isn't working.Brody says grace before dinner. This is unusual and Dana notices.Walker cuts a circle in one of the apartment windows. The women is tied up on a nearby chair.That night Brody remembers the words of Abu Nazir. He goes to pray. Dana catches him and he has to explain that he has converted to Islam. They agree that Jessica wouldn't understand and this will be their secret.Day 2Carrie wakes up and is frantic for her meds. Virgil brings them.Saul brings Estes a partially redacted file. It is what he thinks is a drone strike during Abu Nazir's down period hat seems to coincide with the terrorist's likely location. Estes doesn't seem very interested, particularly given that it's related to Carrie's theory.Jessica takes Chris to his karate match.Carrie has Virgil take him for a drive and they end up at the scene of Walden's announcement. She tells him she thinks "half the government" will be in one spot and this may be the target. He explains that she is no longer working for the CIA and they should leave it alone. She tells him a single sniper doesn't make sense and tells him she's the same person she's always been. She seems to convince him she's onto something.While Brody puts on his explosive vest Dana starts to talk to him from the hallway. She doesn't want him to go. She doesn't have a good feeling about what is happening with Walker and all the security. Brody arms his vest. His car arrives and he meets the Secret Service agent who has been assigned to him.Estes and Walden talk and it seems Estes is also aware of the drone strike. Walden tells him he needs to get Saul to stop snooping.Saul gets word from Galvez that it appears the drone attack has been intentionally wiped from the books. Saul says he's going to follow-up on it himself.Carrie and Virgil are now in the crowd. She's explains that given the security the only way you attack at that event if you're planning on taking all of the high-value targets out at once.We see Walker grab his rifle and position himself at the window.Brody arrives and makes small talk with Gaines. Walden arrives a few seconds later.Walker loads a round into a chamber and fires. He kills Gaines, her blood spraying all over Walden. Everybody is rushed inside. Walker fires two more times, once hitting a window and once hitting an agent. Everybody (including) Brody is moved past the metal detectors. Walker leaves the apartment.Everybody is hustled into a small room. Brody asks about Walden.Saul gets a call from Carrie. She assures him that Gaines was not the target and Walker would not have missed three times. She knows that since Brody is being sequestered with Walden and the other high-value targets he must be the threat. Saul agrees to bring her in to help but instead tells an agent that a woman is acting crazy and needs to be secured.Walden finally arrives in the room and it is locked. Brody nervously pulls the trigger key from his sleeve and walks towards Walden. He flashes to Abu Nazir saying "remember Isa" and flips the switch. But nothing happens. It is not working.Outside Carrie realizes that Saul didn't buy her story. She gets Virgil's keys and takes off.Brody goes to the bathroom and takes off the vest. He start looking at the wires.We see Dana watching the TV report of the shooting. There is a knock at the door. It's Carrie. She tells Dana that her father is working for Walker and she needs to call him on the phone and talk him down. Instead Dana tells 911 that a crazy woman is at her house and yells at Carrie to leave. They argue on the front lawn just as Jessica comes home with Chris. The police arrive and Carrie is takent into custody. While Dana looks on she sees that the phone Carrie brought is still lying on the ground.Brody fixes his vest and puts it back on. He walks back into the room and is a split-second from detonating it when an agent pats him on the back and says his daughter is on the phone. Dana wants to know whether he's coming home. Brody tries to brush her off but she makes him promise to her that he'll be home later. She says she needs him and Brody gets emotional. He hangs up just as Walden leaves the secure room.DAY 3Jessica asks Brody about pressing charges against Carrie. He says he'll take care of it.Walden meets with Saul. Walden tells Saul he should leave the whole drone thing alone. Saul says that Walden knows that isn't his style. Saul reminds him that he worked for Walden for three years and pulls out videos of torturous interrogation that Walden ordered. Walden asks if he's being blackmailed.Carrie is released from custody. Brody is waiting in the parking lot. Brody assures her that he isn't what she thinks he is and wants her to get help. She gives him her word that she'll leave him alone. Carrie gets into Maggie's car and tells her to take her to the hospital.Saul and Estes watch video of Walden and Estes ordering the drone strike that destroyed Abu Nazir's son's school. Walden knows what he is doing, but thinks the collateral damage is acceptable. Saul tells Estes he's considering going to the newspapers with this information, but Estes knows he won't because it would put too many CIA agents at risk and would be used as a recruitment tool for the enemy.Brody goes looking for his video. He finds it is missing and a second chalk line has been placed on the wall. He goes home and gets his gun.Brody meets Walker, who demands to know what happened. Brody says his vest malfunctioned, but Walker doesn't seem to buy it. Walker has Abu Nazir on an open phone line. Abu Nazir asks to speak with Brody, who tells him that it may be for the best that the initial plan didn't work out. Brody now has access to the next president and may be able to influence policy. Abu Nazir seems to like this idea, but need some assurance of Brody's commitment. He tells Brody to kill Walker and Brody does.At home Brody kisses his kids and thanks Jessica "for everything."TWO DAY LATERSaul storms into the pre-op area of a hospital. He meets with Carrie, who is being prepped for a type of electro-shock therapy. It comes with numerous risks, including short-term memory loss, but Carrie assures him this is what she wants. He says she was right about Abu Nazir and tells her about the drone attack.Dana joins Brody up on the roof of their house. The sit and enjoy the view.Just as Carrie is given her anesthesia she start flashing back to memories of being with Brody. One of them is Brody's nightmares. She recalls him saying "Isa! No!" and realizes that Brody knew Abu Nazir's son. She mumbles "Don't let me forget that" in the direction of Maggie, but nobody really knows what she said. The first shock goes through her body as the season comes to an end.

Genre: Thriller, Action, Drama, Crime, Mystery
Directed by: Jeffrey Nachmanoff, Brad Turner, John Dahl, Lodge Kerrigan, Jeremy Podeswa, David Semel
Starring: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody)
Screenplay: Henry Bromell, Meredith Stiehm, Alexander Cary, Gideon Raff, Alex Gansa, Chip Johannessen
Country: USA
Year: 2019-2020
Score: 83 %

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