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Život na zámku

Series Život na zámku
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Series information

In the series Life at the Mansion we get a peak at a very contemporary, very Czech family with all its typical daily pleasures and problems. The father is a dentist, the mother a grammar school teacher, the son and daughter are students, and their good-looking grandmother is still full of energy. The situations are often comical but the family experiences both love and strife as well, reflecting the joys and sorrows of any typical family like everyone else they win a few and lose a few.

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Family
Directed by: Jaroslav Hanus
Starring: Tomás Töpfer (Premysl Král 51 episodes 1995-2000), Kateřina Machácková (Marie Králová 51 episodes 1995-2000), Katerina Hrachovcova (Simona Králová 51 episodes 1995-2000), Jiřina Jirásková (babicka Králová 51 episodes 1995-2000), Petr Rajchert (Otakar Král
Screenplay: Jan Míka
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 1997-2000
Score: 61 %
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