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Otec Braun

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Curate Guido Braun is a slightly unconventional Catholic priest from Bavaria. Mundane bishop Himmelrath and his equally ambitious right hand keep posting Braun in different parishes all over Germany, sometimes as punishment, sometimes as troubleshooter. Each time at least one serious crime occurs there, and Braun's detective gifts come in handy, whether the police collaborates or mistrusts him.

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Mystery
Directed by: Jürgen Bretzinger
Starring: Ottfried Fischer (Pfarrer Guido Braun), Gundi Ellert (Haushälterin Inge Haller), Peter Heinrich Brix (Kommissar Geiger), Antonio Wannek (Armin Knopp), Hans-Michael Rehberg (Bischof Hemmelrath), Gilbert von Sohlern (Priester Mühlich)
Screenplay: Cornelia Willinger
Country: Germany
Year: 2003-2012
Score: 64 %
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